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FC United have launched a campaign to try and get 2,000 fans to each of their final home games at Gigg Lane, Bury.

The club will hopefully be in their new home at Moston next season, so the remaining 11 fixtures could see fans attending their temporary home for the final time.

Here is what the club’s website says:

If we get over 2,000 fans to each of our remaining Gigg Lane home games, we will put ourselves on the best possible footing for starting life in our new home. You can help by buying half season tickets, bringing a mate to games and publicising our games.

On the pitch we are once again challenging for promotion, but off the pitch we face a few challenges financially.

Attendances at home games are slightly down on last season and that is something we wish to address. Therefore we are launching a campaign to get 2,000 fans to each of our remaining games at Gigg Lane.

At the start of the season we budgeted for attendances in line with those of the last three years (around 1,900) but after 12 home matches so far this season our average attendance currently stands at 1,657.

We cannot afford to be complacent and expect that crowds will increase at the new ground, but we actually have to get there first.

The financial stability of our club comes from our fans and not some rich backer who threatens to take his money away if he does not get his way.

However, a drop in attendances does limit what we can do as a club. It limits our ability to deliver lasting benefit to some of the most challenging areas of Manchester through our award winning community programme and limits how we run the club.

To put this into context our overall matchday revenue equates to just over £12 per fan through the gate. This includes gate receipts, programme sales, merchandise sales, refreshments and more. Therefore this shortfall of 250 per match equates to about £3,000.

Should we attain our aim of 2,000 fans per game, we could address these shortfalls and plan more effectively for our future.

Away from financial implications, getting 2,000 fans to home games also builds the atmosphere we have become famous for and creates a matchday noise unmatched at this level. There are few better sounds than a packed MRE singing in raucous harmony (or in mock conflict) with a ram-jammed Main Stand.


What can you do?

Bring a mate by using the spare voucher in season ticket books. This will get one mate in free with every season ticket holder. These ’mates’ will spend money at the match and therefore help the club. And who knows, they may come back…

Buy a half-season ticket
If you or your mates come now and then or to most home games, but don’t have season tickets, why not get a half season ticket, which gives admission to our remaining games of the season? These are priced at just £60 for adults, £40 for concessions (over-60s) and £10 for juniors (under-18s).

Get yourself to that football ground
Plenty of people have season tickets but can’t or choose not to come to games. By purchasing season tickets the supporters our helping the club immensely by securing gate money in advance and allowing the club’s budgets to be put in place early in the season.

However, the more people we get to games, then more the opportunity for people to buy programmes, food, drink, merchandise or donate into the half-time draw or barrels. As mentioned about with a £12.50 average spend per supporter, just 100 people attending who don’t usually do so would earn the club £1,250 extra per game

Sell your club
This club belongs to every single one of us. We all have a duty of care for this thing of ours. If finances or other reasons prevent you coming to matches, why not promote our games in your area by placing match posters or plugging the club on twitter or facebook? It costs nothing and can make a big difference to your club.

Let’s work together, stay United and FC2K our way to Moston.

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  • JAY says:

    I know we play at a league ground but why do we, a non-league club, have to have all the paraphernalia that goes with being a league club?
    We play away & there are 3-4 stewards : we play at Bury & there are 47(ish). The players are escorted on/off pitch by stewards; they ‘control’ goal celebrations; they stand around watching the game – why so many when we self-police & they clearly aren’t needed?
    Why do we need 2 electricians & another ‘on-call’ just in case?
    If we have doctors & nurses in the crowd why do we need H&S / St John’s ambulance people?
    Could we have volunteers who stay behind & sweep up(picking up spent flares in mre & horlicks wrappers in Main Stand)?
    If the club needs the money do we give over 1 match or more of the barrel collections to the club instead of DF or does that not help?
    I’ll gladly pay twice, when I can afford it, to get in if it helps. ST + £8?

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