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CYCM 21/12/13: Joe-ing Solo

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This, as you may have already realised, is a group of Joes. A big group of Joes. So big, in fact, if you were to book a function room at Choristers Country Club in Norwich, there wouldn’t be enough space for them to hold their annual Joe conference.


One Joe who threw his conference invitation away though, is this Saturday’s act, Joe Solo. He’d rather go his own way and play for us at CYCM instead, where this week we give a Yuletide welcome to ickle village team Barwell . Quite un-festively, they’ll no doubt be looking to kick the ball into our net more times than we kick it into theirs, so we’ll try and keep the Christmas spirit alive the only way we know how:

10:30 Father Christmas may have a big sack (ooer) to carry, but it’s nothing compared to what the Oddies have to carry up to Starkies when they bring all the gear up

11:30 Mike Noodles does his bit for Turkeys and Geese everywhere by bringing his veggie hotdogs and veggie pizza

12:00 Doors open

12:15 As it’s Christmas, will we have mince pies? Probably not, but who needs mince pies when Dave Frilly brings the tater ‘ash and cheese and onion pies from Westwells?

2:00 Taking You Round The Corner: lies make baby Jesus cry, but he won’t mind these porkies. Possibly

2:30 Joe Solo- see below

3:00 Outside, now! (That’s not an invitation for mither, that’s just a polite request to tear yourself away from the festivities and to go out and watch the football for a bit)

3:45 Come back in and warm yourself by our fireplace (Bury’s central heating)


Last time around we set the bar well* high with the entertainment we had on offer, and this week we’ll be treating you again with political performer and raconteur, Joe Solo. Not only does he perform his own brand of folk, punk and blues music, but he also writes books, runs a research project on the first world war, and works with underprivileged children.

Ten albums in (ten!), his current album ‘No Pasaran!’ tells the story of the International Brigades who fought the fascists in the Spanish civil war, through the stories of those who volunteered to fight, and looks at the re-emergence of far-right groups in today’s Europe.

Not that we’re a political bunch or ‘owt at CYCM (honest guvnor), but sounds like it’s something right up our street, so if you want to find out more about Joe, visit his website here for more details.


As always, Taking You Round The Corner also occupies its own chunk of the afternoon. Now it’s been pointed out to me I should probably explain what it is for those of you that don’t have a Scooby what I’m going on about. So here goes: It’s simultaneously the same, and completely different, to the BBC’s Sport Personality of the Year. The same in that, like the BBC with their award, we think it’s dead important and prestigious while no-one else does, but different in that it’s a quiz, not a pointless award.

Each week’s quiz is based on the team we’re playing, and eleven pieces of information about that team and their town are read out. Only one of these pieces of information is true while the other ten are dirty lies, and it’s the audience’s job to correctly identify the one lone fact. If more than one person gets it right it goes to a nerve shredding tie break, but the result is always lovely jubbly prizes (unless no-one gets it right, in which case it’s embarrassment pudding all round). Simple, eh?

As it’s Christmas, Stu from Ebay may also bring his in-no-way cheap and completely safe** tea lights, to get you in a festive mood and bring a lovely ambience to the stark, soul crushing, polystyrene horror that normally is Starkies. He’ll also have his car-boot-sale-without-a-car-or-boot sale, where you can pick up issues of A Fine Lung old and new, t-shirts, hats and maybe even the odd book. Proper capitalists these days, us (well it is Christmas, after all).

* Yeah, that was a play on words. Well spotted
** hopefully

12. That’s all. 12

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