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Nothing to see here… just 75,000 on the streets

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Not that you would have heard anything about it if you live outside of Manchester, but what could possibly be the biggest protest in the city’s recent history took place on Sunday.

A ridiculously big turn out of around 75,000 marched peacefully through the city centre to state their support for the NHS and opposition to the Conservative Party’s conference being held here. They marched past the hotels and conference halls sheltering the shameless Tory party delegates and let them know what they think of their vicious policies.

The police estimated 55,000 turned out, but as Unite’s Len McCluskey said ‘take the police’s estimate and add 25,000 to get the real figure’. (we will forgive him for not mentioning that this formula works in reverse if man city are involved – in that case you take the estimate and minus about 80,000 for the truth…)

AFL and FC United of Manchester were well represented with FC’s fans, volunteers and staff receiving many kind remarks and best wishes while marching behind the unofficial banner ‘Manchester: We are all immigrants’.

It was a great day to be a mancunian and one that will be long-remembered by all who were there to witness a coming together of thousands of people who believe that a better way is possible.

You won’t read about it or watch it, because the mainstream media are towing the Tory line by not covering the event. So for those not able to attend, here are a few pictures courtesy of AFL’s Russ (russmcrphotography.com) and some other crank and his shite camera…






Because all the hereditary millionaires in here have worked really hard for their privileges...

Because all the hereditary millionaires in here have worked really hard for their privileges…

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