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Manchester tells fascists to do one

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For the second weekend running, the right wing, racist, extremist English Defence League has called for a march to the cenotaph in St Peter’s Square, Manchester.

Although last week’s effort was an embarrassing flop, with around 20 racists in attendance and twice as many opposing them, they are trying to make the most of the tension on Britain’s streets to reignite their struggling organisation.

Manchester is a proud immigrant city and we cannot allow these extremists to vent their poison.

The inflammatory abuse of Manchester’s war memorial by the EDL – during a time which has seen a rapid rise in racist incidents across the country – is yet another example of the shameful exploitation by the far right of the tragic death of soldier Lee Rigby.

The “Help for Heroes” charity has publicly refused a donation from the EDL. Unite Against Fascism is asking everyone to take a stand and support the peaceful protest against the EDL in Manchester on Saturday.

Please join the demonstration if you can.

Here are the details:


St Peter’s Square (beside Metrolink) M2 3DF

The English Defence League and the British National Party are seeking to exploit the horrific murder of Lee Rigby by whipping up hatred and division, which has already seen violent reprisals against the Muslim community including a series of arson attacks on mosques. The government’s hotline is reporting that Islamophobic hate crimes have been at 10 times their usual rate since last Wednesday.

- Contact your local councilor / trade union / community group and ask them to publicly back the protest

- Sign the national UAF statement here

- Spread information about the protest, e.g. gigs/events you are going to between now and Saturday

- Download/Forward/Facebook this information about the protest in your own workplace or round where you live.

For further details email: mancuaf@gmail.com Or visit the website uaf.org.uk

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