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AFL online stall – UPDATE

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People who have ordered issues through our online stall at: AFLshop should receive their copies this week.

However, some issues have since sold out, so we will be contacting people who ordered sold out copies to offer them a refund. Sorry about this, we are not very good at business stuff and customer relations etc. But we are trying.

We have our Welsh Alan Sugar on the case, so bear with us.

Issues four and nine have now completely sold out. Thanks to those who snapped them up. Those left are issues two, three, five, seven and eight. Current issue – 10 – is now also sold out.

Anyone who hasn’t yet had a look, please visit the stall. Prepare to see our capitalist credentials in full operation as we attempt to rip you off under the guise of helping a community football club in north Manchester.

You can buy back issues and the current issue of A Fine Lung and soon we may have other stuff to flog for massive profits (not really). In reality we are raising funds for FC United of Manchester’s new ground in Moston and all profits are to be used to fund something lovely there for the people to enjoy Home

Some of our issues sold out, believe it or not, so not all are still available unfortunately. Where as some have loads left cos people boycotted us or something, or it rained every day we tried to sell it, or the people at football matches don’t realise how lucky they are, or other such excuses.

Back issues are available for a bargain price of just £1.50, which includes paypal costs and postage. The current issue is £2.50 including costs. You can pay with paypal, then we will get our lovely family from the bay to send them out to you in their sittingly-clever way.

Bear with us as we get used to working things out. We are not very good at money and that, so be patient.

PLEASE NOTE: Until we get our act together properly we can only post to addresses in the British isles. We hope to extend our reach across the globe eventually, but our non-business minds mean this may take us a while to work out.

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