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CYCM: Lester Freemans

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As a thanks to all the regulars, visitors, punters, volunteers and acts who have supported Malcomses this season ALL FOOD WILL BE FREE on Saturday (May 4th V Frickley Athleticals).

We also have a great band for you called Sam Smith and Company, who will be playing for the traditional 22 minutes at about 2.22pm. To hear their tunes visit: samsmithsoundcloud

The band are time-served reds and influences include Neil Young and Crazy Horse, Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers and Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band, The Smiths, Mark Lanegan, Tom Petty and The Clash. Read an interview with Sam himself here.

Unfortunately, we can’t offer the same free deal on beer to toast the turn, but we thought by way of thanks and to celebrate the team making the play-offs FC fans deserved something back for their loyalty. This freemans food offer includes tater ash, cheese and onion pies and all volunteer-made food. Brews will also be freemans. There will be a facility (probably a tub) to give a donation if you wish.

You may or may not know, but most departments of the club are issued with a challenge to raise a certain amount during the season. Malcolmses volunteers were set a task and we managed to smash it with two games to go. This is a fantastic achievement. By our own admission we are not businessfolk or great at counting and stuff, so we are particularly chuffed.

Not only does CYCM provide an alternative and unique pre-match experience for fans, we have also proved that the club benefits financially. This is another reason for the freemans food day on Saturday.

Thanks to everyone who has supported and volunteered at the event this season. Special thanks must go to the volunteers who get there silly early to lug and those who have made food for the event – be it cakes, pizza or other dishes.

Mike Noodles’ constant supply of pizza and uncanny ability to find veggie hotdogs even during the frequent droughts has to be applauded, as does the invaluable contribution of the Cawthray family – Stu, Linzi, and mum from the bay have all pulled their tripe out this season with an array of food. Not to mention Jo and her bar team doing their best to quench your thirsts.

The last Malcolmses was a huge success with record takings and amazing generosity shown by attendees who donated a daft amount to the club in return for home-made buffet food.

This will be the last CYCM of the season, so get there early to enjoy the day and get stuck into the nosebag before it all goes…

Yours, as always,

The Oddies

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