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The box-office fascist and a proud Roker roar…

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di canioSunderland’s appointment of self-proclaimed fascist Paulo Di Canio isn’t being wholly accepted with the ‘roll over and get on with it’ spirit that the club’s board were hoping for. ‘As long as he wins games and keeps them up, the fans’ll come round’ is the message pundits like to send out whenever fans let principles get in the way of blind loyalty.

Unfortunately, as we know, many fans agree with this and repeat the ‘politics has no place at football’ mussolinimantra, even as they start dabbling in their apologist attempts to dampen down the controversy, desperately searching for ways to discredit any arguments that raise questions about the ‘blind loyalty’ approach they want to get on with. Radio phone-ins and internet message boards, and those enlightening ‘your comments’ sections at the end of online news stories, are crammed full of this – “will you all just shut up and let me get on with being a loyal fan without this uncomfortable distraction”.

ukipIt’s heartening then to see that the Durham Miners’ Association have taken a principled stand, releasing a statement that not only makes their opposition to the appointment clear, but astutely links the all-too-real threat of fascism to the current crisis of capitalism, in which politicians and the media are unashamedly pushing for a public response of xenophobic hostility towards the poorest and most vulnerable cultures and nations, rather than recognising who is really responsible for the insecurity and fear created by the grasping, filthy rich…

“Dave Hopper the General Secretary of the Durham Miners’ Association is writing to Sunderland Football Club to demand the return of the Wearmouth Miners’ Banner, which is on permanent display in the Stadium of Light, in protest at the decision to appoint the self-confessed fascist, Paolo Di Canio, as their head coach.
Mr Hopper, who worked for 27 years as a miner at Wearmouth Colliery, the site on which the Stadium of Light now stands, described Di Canio’s appointment as an outrage and a betrayal of all those who fought and died fighting fascism.

He said,”I like many thousands of miners have supported Sunderland from infancy and are passionate about football. But, there are principles which are much more important.

“Our banner represents the Durham miners’ long struggle for the rights of the working class, rights which were annihilated by fascism in Germany, Italy, Spain and Chile.

“We have a sacred obligation to the millions who were wiped out by Hitler, Mussolini and Franco to oppose fascism wherever and in whatever context this evil creed raises its head particularly at a time when working people are again being forced to pay for capitalism’s crisis as they were in Europe in the 1920s and 30s.
“The appointment of Di Canio is a disgrace and a betrayal of all who fought and died in the fight against fascism.

“Everyone must speak out and oppose this outrage and call on Ellis Short and the Sunderland Board to reverse their decision.”



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