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A Fine Lung Easter weekend sales

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For anyone yet to purchase Issue 10 of AFLM:SPG, it will be on sale at FC United of Manchester’s away game at Kendal Town on Saturday, March 30 and once again at the club’s home match against Stocksbridge Park Steels on Easter Monday, April 1.

We have also restocked copies at Cornerhouse and the National Football Museum in Manchester. The cover price, as ever, is £2, which will go towards something nice at FC United’s new ground in Moston.

If any of our non-Manchester based readers would like to get a copy, please email us at content@afinelung.com and we will explain how.

Issue 10 features articles on The Manchester Ship Canal, the number 10, a beer festival held on a ferry between Barcelona and Rome, The Seven Stars pub in Beswick, Engels, penguins, Ultras Braunschweig, Turin 1999, the royal family, the Mancunian accent, Josephine Oniyama, the name ‘Frank’, some mate of Mick Middles’ or other, Peter Hook’s money making schemes, the ridiculous/horrible Varg Vikerness, Karl Liebknecht, how to deal with racists, Leon Ware, trouble caused by bullies and married couples, and some ace pictures including a certain avid Lung reader posing proudly with a previous issue.

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