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Course You Can John mate innit…

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John the Poet returns to his ancestral home on Saturday after a long break recuperating from teetotalism and fruit. He hasn’t spent his dark days in useless endeavour, he spent it writing an epic narrative poem which he won’t be performing at Malcolmses due to health and safety restrictions.

However, he will be performing his latest poetic compositions that are guaranteed to amuse and dumbfound. Following his world tour of Prestwich pubs he claims to have developed an insight to life that not only reveals the basic truth of the universe but also the underlining fundamentals of string theory. To miss this outstanding momentous reading would be akin to a Course You Can Malcolmses without tater ash. Unthinkable.


Before John babbles and baffles, we will be receiving our manager (Karl Marginson, not the ‘heavy-set’ Social Club bloke with the big fob of keys). Margy is feeling confident following a recent run of good form and has therefore agreed to do a Question and Answer session for Malcolmses patrons. He will be on at about 1.30pm so get in there early to hear how he has once again dumbfounded his dumb critics… He is promising not to tell any jokes, which makes this appearance all the more unmissable.


The decks will be turned by the usual reprobates, inflicting their dubious taste in music on our innocent senses. Feel free to bring along your own vinyl but don’t expect to be able to play your records. Do you not have your own record player at home?

The usual food, teas, coffee and cake will be provided by our tireless Malcolmses volunteers who slave away in dark dungeons to provide cakes of monumental deviousness and quizzes of unfigurable answers.

Beers to delight and astonish make CYCM the only place to be on a Saturday in the Manchester area (well anywhere covered by an 0161 code).

You contributed £687.66 in total, before deductions, towards our move to Moston at the last Malcolmses. Drink more, eat more, get fat, be gay and laugh. What more do you want?


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