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One cold and bitter Thursday…

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Today is the anniversary of the Munich air disaster.

Omo and Daz were laundry ladies at Old Trafford during the 1950s and they were hit hard, like the whole of Manchester was, by the deaths of eight players from the young team known as the Busby Babes.

Here they tell their story about that sad day, but also remember the good times with their dear friends:

“They were a wonderful bunch of lads, always lively and good fun. They would often bring their personal laundry down to us or ask us to iron their trousers. They were just like babes to us.

“What we loved most about them was that they were just ordinary lads – they would catch the same bus as us, shop in the same shops and chat to the same people.

“They were just like workmen going about their daily jobs, not like modern players, whom you hardly ever see.

“In those days people used to come on their bikes to the game and many of the houses nearby used to take in the bikes at three old pence a go. Many rents were paid that way. The bikes used to be taken inside and put anywhere, even in the lounge.

“We had a radio on in the laundry room and the Monday before the crash, the lads came down to hear the draw for the cup. Eddie Colman brought some towels he wanted us to wash and Ray Wood was upset because Harry Gregg was going to be in goals against Red Star.

“We wished them all the best and that was the last we saw of so many of them. It seemed so wrong to lose them. We loved them all.
“A very sad day followed. Then the coffins arrived and were laid out in the gymnasium. We went down there to dust and polish them. That was the saddest day of our lives. Dusting the coffins of lads who so little time ago had been playing hide and seek in our laundry.

“We went to a different funeral each day to say goodbye to our friends and although it was good to see Harry and Bill (Foulkes) and later Bobby (Charlton) and some of the others as they were released from hospital, it was never the same again.”


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