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Seven things to do.

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firstcutweb06Seven things to do when it’s pissing down.

One – stay in bed, sleep, wank or if you are lucky enough have sex. Drink tea and listen to Radio 4.

Two – visit the Manchester Art Gallery and see the excellent First Cut exhibition.

Wonder at giant sculptures inspired by far away galaxies that spiral from the wall, explore a walk-through forest of paper trees and marvel at miniature worlds that explode from vintage staple boxes or emerge from the page of a book. 

Flocks of birds and butterflies cut from maps appear alongside artworks that feature dark fairytale imagery. Guns and grenades fashioned from paper currency and sinister silhouettes comment on social, political and economic issues’.

Three – go for a cooked breakfast at Koffee Pot or 8th Day.firstcutweb01

Four – read a book, a real book, one made of paper and everything. Go to the library and browse the shelves and choose a book at random. Read the first three chapters whether you like it or not. If after three chapters you just can’t bear to read any more, change it. Probably best to get a few books out using this method because there are a lot of shite books. But also there are a lot of great books, it’s just finding them that is the problem. The effort of reading to find a great book is well worth it.

Five – tweet and drink, and watch your tweets become more and more incoherent. Give yourself a tweeting/drinking challenge, five tweets per beer or glass of wine. Can you get to 25 tweets, matching each five tweets with a pint?

firstcutweb02Six – write something for A Fine Lung, those guys will publish any old shite so don’t worry if you feel you are not that good at writing because most of the people who write for the Lung are illiterate fools, this excuse of an article is the perfect example. Just write about something that is close to your heart. Don’t worry about spelling or grammar, the rest of us don’t [note from overworked sub-editor – that's for sure].

Seven – do the housework naked, playing really loud music. Although I’m always wary about doing the ironing this way.




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