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CYCM – Haul the decks.

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football wetFollowing the shortest Malcolmses in history, we at the Course You Can Malcolm collective are hoping for the hungriest and thirstiest Malcolmses in history.  The tater ash and cheese pies return from their Christmas holiday to please our stomachs and soothe our souls. Unfortunately veggie pizza and hot dogs are not on the menu because the esteemed maker of these delicious items is taking a well-deserved break from pizza-making slavery.

The immutable Weatherman returns from far-flung travels to amuse and entertain us. Following the success of our American guest comedian the artists for this week’s Malcolmses are Pace, Noodle and Toe. This thrilling triplet are sure to stun and amaze. The decks will be twirling and pumping the rhythms of the night maybe, who knows, it could all go silicon. Wet_Sausage_Web

The usual collection of beers, teas, cakes and oddities will be available to all those who choose to spend their lonely Saturday afternoon in a room at Gigg Lane. The popular stamp of approval for those who love to be stamped is always accessible at the door.

You departed with £251 on beer and £71.80 on tea, food and sweets, giving us a total of £322.80 from the Boxing day CYCM. Thanks to our fellow Malcolmite, who gave us a tin of sweets and a tin of biscuits.

TAL-MugWebTo guarantee entry and a seat arrive early and leave when the bouncers start beating you about the head with a wet sausage. Don’t miss the last Malcolmses of 2012, the year the world ended.
My favourite present of this xmas is a giant tray of flapjack. I won’t be bringing it along to CYCM because I will have eaten it by then. If you want flapjack at CYCM then lobby the board.
Have a good new year and stop nicking our cups.

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