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Do worms have hard heads?

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What a beautiful morning Sunday morning was, got up well early at 0945 and put my boots on, said to Deb come on let’s get out and have a walk, blow them cobwebs away, had a stroll over the tops of Glossop, over Moorfield.

Whilst walking through the sunshine it occurred to me how could you commit suicide, well not so much why because everyone has their demons and I am nobody to judge anybody but when you are out in the sunshine walking through the country I can only conclude that given the fateful choice again I am sure it would be the opposite one.

I have had a few beers now and I normally write stone cold sober, so things may be clouded and irrational but what the hell, it’s good to be alive and I apologise to anyone who doesn’t agree.

So when we get home we have a bacon sandwich which Deb makes and it is delicious, we sit outside in t shirts and marvel at the weather.

Look at that worm I say to Deb, strange little worm out in the sunshine crawling across the grass, I thought worms just tunnelled and didn’t think they travelled along the grass in the sunshine and risk getting frazzled by the sun, perhaps that’s why you occasionally see frazzled worms all baked up and crusty from time to time, anyway I watched it for 20 minutes or so until it just stopped and gave up travelling and looked to be having a kip under a leaf.

I fully expected the worm to just head south and disappear into the ground but then again when you see a worm and you contemplate how flimsy it is you have to ask yourself how on earth it has the capacity to just head south and burrow into the hard earth.

How hard then is a worm’s head? Not very hard I would have to argue but then I am no authority on the hardness of a worm’s head, I do know though that my head is harder than a worm’s head and if I was lying on the ground and decided to burrow into the earth without using my arms then it would be very difficult and I expect I would be bruised and bloodied.

So how does a worm do it?, does it only burrow through existing worm holes or can it in fact just put its flimsy slimy head down and burrow into hard earth? If it can then bravo my slimy friend.

The reason I became slightly pissed tonight is because we decided to cut down lots of trees in the garden, we bought an old oil drum about two months ago and it was the best £18 we ever spent, I must have burnt wood which equates to the size of Wales within the last two months.

It’s a great feeling, almost primeval, to be in the garden burning wood, having a bottle of beer and being the keeper of the flames, especially when it’s gone dark and you are still at it.

So I am finishing off this rambling drunken ditty listening to Arpeggiated Love by The Field and loving life and everything associated with it.

God bless FC United and its fans.

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