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Festival of Poppy Fascism

Submitted by on November 12, 2012 – 11:16 amOne Comment

Beware Commies

Sunday was Remembrance Day, an event which marks the end of the jingoistic, tabloid-driven Festival of Poppy Fascism, when our closet bigots get the chance to hijack the genuine grief of families who have lost people at war and use phrases like “go home” and “send the buggers back” openly and with as much glee as their casually racist brains can muster.

This year’s festival rivalled anything in previous years. Facebook ‘likes’ on “if this offends you then you must be a jihadist, bomb-making, benefit-scrounging, wipe-your-arse-on-our-flag muzzy / catholic / nonce / Commie / Gaylord” pages were at an all time high. The clicking of that “like” button will have made morale in military field hospitals soar so thanks if you gave your time to clicking it from the safety of your settee.

It was great to see such a fantastic turnout at memorial services all across Great Britain. It was great too to see the mournful faces of millionaire politicians and our Royal Family, dressed in black, heads bowed, completely oblivious to the horror of war because neither they nor their families are ever sent to fight these wars of aggression to protect oil monopolies, arms contracts and trade links with the United States. Hey, but didn’t they look sad? They’d probably brushed up on a few Wilfred Owen poems in their Rolls Royce on the way to the service.

As always with our Festival of Poppy Fascism, we need to award our famous Poppy Villain title to someone. With Abu Hamza now in Guantanemo or somewhere (he just hated the poppy because he couldn’t hold the pin), this year’s award goes to Sunderland’s James McLean, poppy refusing, uncaring millionaire footballer.

McLean, as you will no doubt have read in the Daily Mail, exercised his right to make a choice not to wear a poppy. Choice eh? Conscripts didn’t have a choice, Mr I Don’t Believe In It So If It’s OK I Won’t Take Part Isn’t That Why YOU Fought Hitler? McLean, from LONDONDerry, has been lambasted by journalists for this appalling refusal to blindly go along with poppyism. It may have something to do with the fact that British soldiers killed some people in the 1970’s. I mean come on, get over it.

We’re not sure at this stage if McLean will sign and auction his shirt from the weekend’s game. Be careful though because if it is and you bid on it then there’s no guarantees the money won’t go towards funding a terrorist training cell in Pakistan or that your wife and daughters won’t be wearing a burka by Christmas, which by the way will be cancelled if these poppy hating Commies have their way.

See you next year poppy fascists.

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  • LesBagg says:

    Poppy fascists are a very similar breed to the good old British charity fascists. They allow the most disgusting people in society to get away with the most horrendous crimes simply because they “Do a lot of work for charity”
    In the charity fascists eyes it is impossible for these people to do wrong and anyone who does try to go against the grain is hunted down and told to “Think about all those people who will suffer if the charity work stops, you heartless bastard” Hmmm, yeah, just think about them, eh?
    The Royal Family seem to like hobnobbing with these folk as well funnily enough!

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