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I wanna destroy Glazer and Sky…

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Some terrace songs might be sung without being serious about what the lyrics mean, but at FC United we’ve come up with a wide range of songs that reflect who we are and what we mean.

We shouldn’t denigrate the songs we created to reinforce our identity and aims. As one certain song goes, “I sang not for sale and I meant just that”.

So when we sing “I wanna destroy Glazer and Sky”, I believe we mean it. We’re often referred to as a rebel club, and that’s not a meaningless label, because we are a rebel club with a real cause. That cause is to rid football of the corporate shysters, chancers and other parasites that greedily pile up their profits as they further marginalise the interests of the ordinary match-going supporter.

Sky are embedded at the heart of the corporatisation of football: money from subscriptions funds the Premier League cartel of wealthy club owners, enabling them to carry on seeing our loyalty as a cash cow.

At tonight’s annual general meeting, Resolution 5 asks FC United’s membership to ensure that we don’t send them our members’ money, and that we don’t sully the club’s proud name by making it a customer of Rupert Murdoch’s Sky and a funder of the Premier League.

Reasons to vote in favour of Resolution 5
- By sending our money to the Premier League and club owners like Glazer, we would be pushing further and further away our goal of forging a better way for football.

- Malcolm Glazer now gets more money from the spiraling TV broadcasting deals than he does from either match-day income or merchandise sales, strengthening his position at Old Trafford. FC United cannot be part of the reason for that without betraying our history and identity.

- It isn’t just about Sky. Other media companies are already getting in on the Premier League broadcasting carve-up (i.e., access to fans’ money) and Resolution 5 would stop them getting their hands on the money we put into developing a sustainable future for FC United.

- Resolution 5 won’t solve everything linked to the influence of television within football (such as whether our kick-off times get moved for live games), but it would steer us in a direction that keeps us proudly independent from the grasp of the likes of Sky, providing a platform from which these other issues can be decided on in future by our members.

- If we reject Resolution 5 and take out a subscription to show live Premier League football, we would give Sky and the corporate world of the Premier League an invitation into our club. This would then be used as a precedent to swat away our ‘hypocritical’ opposition if and when Sky etc. want to move any future FC United games to dinnertime for the benefit of their viewers (that would, ironically, include us).

- We are well known as having an active, creative match-going supporter culture at FC. We don’t need to pay Sky and the Premier League to sit us down and entertain us in front of a television screen. Our new ground provides us with the freedom to further free our creative energy for supporter-led activities, involving FCUM TV & Radio, CYCM, FCUth and other supporter initiatives yet to be created: don’t let that space, our space, be occupied by a Sky ‘fanzone’.

- This is one of those decisions that will help define who we are and where we’re going: When it comes to FC, believe in better…

On important issues such as this, it is of course how we see ourselves that is most important. But we can also take great pride in how we are viewed by others. We have built a fantastic, proud reputation amongst other fans that can only dream of their football clubs having the democratic structures and principled approach that we have.

Within the independent supporter movement, clubs and supporter groups throughout Europe regard FC United as a beacon of hope in our collective fight against the commercial excesses of the private ownership model. We can’t be so blinkered therefore as to disregard how we are viewed by our friends and admirers elsewhere: remember, we are an important part of a movement of independently-minded supporters that aim to run football at all levels with the interests of the match-going supporter at heart.

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