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Airborne Pandas

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Course You Can Malcolm is back in full HD surround sound 3-D. Tater ash, cheese pie, veggie pizza, tea and exquisite beers. Throwing Pandas are a panda throwing folk, jazz, reggae band known throughout Manchester for their folk, jazz, reggae. They, the Pandas, cite Robert Johnson, Nina Simone, Desmond Dekker and Sigur Ròs as their musical influences. Throwing do have a soft spot for Chorlton which is a bit alarming I know but can be forgiven once you realise they have two ukuleles and a baby. No animals will be harmed during the performance at CYCM. The panda throwing complies to the international regulations for the throwing of Ursidae and other related mammals.

The weatherman will continue with his wit, spit and slide. Heckling is encouraged and will be dealt with by a sharp blow to the panda. There will be home-made cakes made with Mossside eggs, as long as our home-made cake maker finds her home-made cake making big tall chef’s hat in time.
Drinking and eating obscene amounts will be welcomed as CYCM trundles towards generating a ‘revenue stream’ of £10,000 for the club this season. The stream of revenue from your pocket to one of the three tenas, to your intestines and out again makes the water cycle appear complex. The predicted £1000 stream leakage will hopefully be refilled by ingenious cunning revenue-generating ideas. As anyone got any of those?

The non malcolmses last Sunday poured £174 from beer sales and £48.15 from the tea-drinking fanatics and veggie pizza-eating enthusiasts. The first Malcolmses of the season procreated £420 from beer guzzling tater ashers and £128.80 from wimberry and blackberry muffins, hot dogs, tea and other food related stuffs. Making a grand total of £770.95 which only leaves £44 million of the ‘revenue stream’ to make. If we get a half decent cup run with some home games we are quids in.

Doors open at noon, be there early as spaces are becoming increasingly limited. Height restrictions apply. Malcolm’s love can and does, it’ll be doing it this Saturday in a Panda stylely mashup drinking frenzy. The night club in the afternoon at the end of the lane is one season away from its permanent home. A revenue river in a cup, a pie and a gaffer taped flag. We are all Malcolm now.

PS A message from a Thrown Panda says:Throwing Pandas are made up of Mancunian Gemma Mooney & Boltonian Danny Liptrott. An acoustic alternative folk act based in Horwich, we have been playing festivals, venues & open mics around Greater Manchester for the past 3 years, bringing our own quirky, eclectic mix of guitar, ukulele & harmony infused originals & covers. Our music has quite a unique folky sound, taking influence from Iron and Wine, Fleetfoxes & Neil Young. To find out more about us, our music & upcoming gigs, please have a gander at our website throwingpandas.com

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