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AFLM:SPG – Nobby Number Nine. Anything but toothless.

Submitted by on August 23, 2012 – 8:47 am2 Comments

The new issue of A Fine Lung has become affectionately known as ‘Nobby Number Nine’.

This is in homage to both the number nine, about which Navajo waxes within this issue, and also the rarely cited fact that England’s goal-scorer bearing that number when they beat West Germany on a less famous occasion in 1966, was in fact the little red from Collyhurst with no teeth. Look it up fact fans. If I’m wrong, then that makes you more of a geek than me.

Obviously, interest in England’s fortunes are far from most minds within the AFL clique, but we do have one man on the staff who loves to wave the flag, and after his rabid complaints about the loony lefties running the show, we have given our own Littlejohn-in-waiting the chance to write the not-the editorial. Cue hysteria from the usual quarters. Froth away.

Speaking of misplaced national pride and xenophobia (were we really talking about that? – NoneEditor) we have a piece on The Olympics (TM) and a piece on the trouble engulfing German football.

Fittingly, there is quite a bit of football in Nobby Number Nine, with the modern aspect of it getting the sort of kicking Stiles would have been proud of, courtesy of Ed in Germany and J Walter Weatherman, among others.

The soundtrack is provided by those old music heads Mick Middles, of NME and Sounds fame and Scott Taylor of Soup Kitchen fame (the bar, not the place he will be getting his nosebag now First have got the west coast mainline).

Elsie provides a different musical take, as FC United strives to finally cut the grass in Moston and Midjmo Matt brings things up to date with the internet scene and that.

Mike Duff chips (gag for fact fans) in with the latest installment of the Ballad of Bobby Doyle, as he camps out in front of Ancoats Dispensary fighting off the evils of Urban Splash.

There’s shitloads more, including the usual commie propaganda you can’t live without.

It’s still £2, which is thanks in part to a new printers we found near where Talkative Chris skives.

It may go wrong, but early samples have gone down well and it means we have got around the rising price of printing so that even more of your £2 goes towards something lasting and lovely in FC United’s proposed new abode.

AFL issue nine will be on sale at FC United’s home game against Forlock Town on Saturday, August 25, and all subsequent FC games following (apart from Witton, who are receiving a big Lung fuck-off tablet for their choice of ground sponsor…)

It will also be on sale from Cornerhouse on Oxford Road, Manchester, the National Football Museum at Urbis (RIP) and via the Working Class Movement Library on The Crescent in Salford. Otherwise click on the link at the top of the page ‘Buy issues of A Fine Lung’ and we will sort you out.


  • jonathanallsopp says:

    Latest issue is superb as ever. The article by “a few good men and women” hits several nails very squarely on the head.

  • TH says:

    Cheers Jonathan.

    That article was written by about seven people who sent us opinions, mini-articles and comments – hence the by-line…

    We think it works well. Not all will agree with the content, but it is good to get across issues that people are concerned about.

    For example, many fans felt they couldn’t attend the match on Monday due to the sponsors of the ground at Witton and the almost fetishistic glorification of the armed forces that pollutes this country. It won’t bother some fans, but it does bother many and they have as much right to voice an opinion as those holding mainstream/centre-right views do.

    Anyone wishing to respond or put their own opinions across about anything really, feel free to email content@afinelung.com

    Feedback on the new paper used for this issue has been good so far, but if anyone thinks it is shit – let us know and the reasons for that and we will take it on board. Then ignore you…

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