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Her very Lowness, with her head in a sling…

Submitted by on May 31, 2012 – 10:43 am3 Comments

…I’m truly sorry, but it sounds like a wonderful thing.

Fed up of all the forlock tugging, curtsying and bowing? You are not the only one. The lack of deference many of us feel for our unelected leaders (the hereditary ones, not Dave and his mates), is nothing new.

While the country suffers another economic slump, thanks to the horrificly ideological and barbaric policies of this elitist government, we are asked to bask in everything that is bad about our nation for a full weekend and two extra days to boot.

When workers are reduced to striking for their rights amid what is fast becoming the most oppressive anti-worker government in living memory, we are inundated with figures about how much it costs the economy while people strike for their livelihoods. Meanwhile, the country effectively closes down for four days in honour of a jobless family, living off the state, and we are told to celebrate despite the huge hit our economy will once again take for the privilege.

History is merely repeating itself as the cartoon from 1935 (all be it Silver on that occasion), would suggest:

Furthermore, we were in a similar position during the last jubilee in 1977. In fact badges created by Sherrl Yanowitz then have been re-released to coincide with the latest debacle.

As the History Workshop website explains: “This anti-monarchy badge was produced and widely distributed in 1977 by the Socialist Workers Party as part of their ‘Stuff the Jubilee’ campaign which focused on the cost of the jubilee and the royal family itself, at a time of public sector cuts.

“Unlike other anti-Jubilee material produced by the SWP at the time, it doesn’t bear the SWP name or logo.

“The Silver Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II took place in 1977 against a background of rising unemployment and cuts in the public sector. As well as official public celebrations of the monarch’s 25 years on the throne there were significant protests and opposition on the left.

“An alternative ‘People’s Jubilee’ was held at Alexandra Palace in North London, with music provided by Shakin’ Stevens and Aswad. The Sex Pistols’ punk anthem God Save the Queen was released to coincide with the Jubilee celebrations but received no airplay from the BBC or commercial radio stations. It is still debated whether the record really reached number 1 in the charts on the week of the Queen’s Jubilee itself, or no.2 as the BBC claimed.”

Sherrl Yanowitz adds: “ I designed this badge with Neil McFarlane . It was my first badge design. When I ordered 4000 badges from the Universal button company in Bethnal Green, they sort of laugh at me.

“The same company had the order for hundreds of thousands of pro monarchy items. We advertised the badge mainly through a small advert in Private Eye and in Socialist Worker. the badge became a campaign. In the end we sold over 40,000 badges in less than three months. there were stickers too. and Stuff the Jubilee parties in a number of cities.

“I’m going to try and find for you a little piece I wrote about Stuff the Jubilee some years ago. I designed the original EAT THE RICH badge a little later in 1977. Nice that the slogan reappeared this year in the Occupy Wall Street.”

To get one of the badges visit: www.campaignbadges.co.uk.

For those not wanting to be involved in any of the hypocrisy and vomit inducement this bank holiday (which was moved to suit them, when it is a traditional day off to reward workers, fought for by unions), there seems to be a lack of alternative events. Unlike 1977. If you know of any, email us at content@afinelung.com and we will give it a plug.