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CYCM: Hello old friends, rest a while…we’ll get them in

Submitted by on April 19, 2012 – 3:18 pmOne Comment

This Saturday Course You Can Malcolm welcomes back a couple of old friends of FC United of Manchester, with a soundtrack provided by our regulars and not-so-regulars.

Kris Stewart was the AFC Wimbledon fan who spoke to reds at the Apollo in May 2005 about what him and his fellow Dons had achieved in setting up their club after the disgraceful scenario that created the abhorrent MK Dons. His words drove us on and he helped convince us to create our own football club. Easy to forget, seven years on, how much his words and the help of his club, meant to us. It is apt we have him when our team is about to play a very important game that could see the last ever outing of another historic club with plans to be resurrected by supporters.

Kris, who’s name is spelt that way in homage to Kwik Save where his mam used to shop til that too was stolen from us, sat on the Wimbledon board for some time before being voted off and he has many interesting tales to tell of the direction their club has taken since the heady days of formation. Some FC fans hold AFCW up as a beacon of democracy, it will be interesting to see if Kris shares that view. His words may be a warning for FC United to remember our principles as we push forward to our own home. He may be the ghost of FC future. Come along and ask him a few questions about the Wombles to find out.

We will also be welcoming back poet Tony Walsh, aka Long Fella. Tony performed his fantastic 18-minute poem of Manchester earlier this season at Malcolms, but due to an extensive line up he went on early before the ‘full’ signs went up and he didn’t get the audience his talents deserve. He will on Saturday. As the former poet in residence at Glastonbury, he doesn’t disappoint. He is very tall and therefore the health and safety people at Bury have insisted we put up ‘mind your head’ signs throughout the venue.

All this chatter will be interspersed with music provided by supporters. In a first for Malcolms, we are holding a ‘vinyl night in the afternoon’ in keeping with our ‘club night in the afternoon’ theme. Andy Brennan has left his learner plates at home and cleaned the remains off his scalpel and will be curating the line up, so bring along some records and get them played. It’s your event, so let’s have some of your music. Within reason, obviously… This will be a nice warm up for those heading to the end of season do at The Magnet in Stockport afterwards, when DJs will once again be showing off their vinyl and spinning for your enjoyment as you partake in some lovely ales in front of a real fire. Tickets will be available in Malcolms for that club fundraiser too. Just ask.

The Team is Sheet will once again ask the players for their opinions on an event of current ‘affair’. And our man on the mic is currently carrying out investigative research to ascertain where the officials Hale(wood) from. All will no doubt be revealed.

We will have the usual refreshment, by way of Holtses and some lager I don’t know the name of and cider too – all for the usual Malcolms price of £2 a go. Three lagers for a fiver, so I believe.

Beer maniac Blaine introduces the guest beer thus: “Far Out Stout from the Offbeat Brewery of Crewe (7.4%) (it was originally 6.5% but gained strength in malt whisky cask ageing.) The subtle whisky notes and light hopping make this a smooth rich roast stout. As one of the most complex beers we’ve had it is priced at £4 per 500ml bottle.” He is very fond of brackets, is Blaine. But he knows his beer.

Tater ‘ash and cheese and onion pies will be winging their way from Openshaw, via the knackered back of Twomowers, and they will sit nicely alongside the vegetarian delights from Prestwich, courtesy of Noodles. There may or may not be cakes too.

Usual door rules – open from 12pm, member plus one guest. Get there early to avoid disappointment.

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