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CYCM: The wine shop, the church and social revolution

Submitted by on April 5, 2012 – 10:14 am3 Comments

Those existing in money know nothing of the love and wonder that exist without it and among people so much richer in thought and feeling, and the warmth that only one who lives for nothing but goodness can experience.

We have at our disposal a place that brings that all together under a warm duvet of love that suppresses the sound of coins hitting till tray. Somewhere where hugs are plentiful and Hug boots are not the only fluff-lined toe-warmer.

Course You Can Malcolm was the vision of a group of people who wanted to give fans of FC United of Manchester a place where they could dish out hugs and volunteers could dish out love via dishes of food they had sourced or made. Meanwhile, we would present art and revel in reverence at our own creative pre-match event.

We’ve pulled it off, ooh err, for five seasons. No bean counter culture can quantify that level of love and commitment and goodness.

You have taken this daftly-named event to your warm bosom and have made it a much-heralded and wide-reaching social occasion. Visitors and those at other clubs cannot believe how lucky we are to stage such an event. And it is down to you as much as those that put the entertainment on. You’ve done it with a bowl of Openshaw’s finest, a sip of Cheetham Hill’s nectar and a piece of Noodle’s home-made pizza, when he remembers to put the yeast in.

Much of the beauty of the event is provided by female volunteers, and that is not sexist. Beauty is not skin deep, it is created by our actions.

Claire Mooney is our guest musician. She is a singer-songwriter and her website describes her thus: “A ‘radical chanteuse’, Claire’s music has been defined by her passion and her politics. She writes of protest, peace, justice, love and life. Her performances contain an enthralling blend of passionate, playful and political songs.

“Her strong views and skills as a social commentator, along with her ability to connect with all types of audience, allow her to diversify whilst still maintaining her political integrity.”

Malcolms meet Claire. Claire meet Malcolms. A perfect artist for the day we hope to hold and the venue we hope to spend another special afternoon in.

We hope to have a female joke teller to stand in for Margy. We are awaiting confirmation, but all being well you may rather cheer than boo on Saturday, when the jokes roll.

Malcolmses has a very high ratio of female volunteers, as has FC United, and we are proud of that. As the club celebrates the role women play in the game we love, we are honoured to say that we do not discriminate against anyone on account of anything, including their gender or personal wealth (or lack of it).

The success of the event has meant beer (and food) has been sourced at similar, if not better, prices to 2007, thanks to past sales, and as a result we’re rightly proud that we’ve kept prices exactly the same. Affordable football extends to making sure everyone is able to contribute and access this club of ours and that includes the pre-match refreshment.

Our guest beer tomorrow is Buxton SPA (Special Pale Ale). Blaine says it is: “4.1% ABV – a delicious and refreshing hoppy pale ale. It is a showcase for the great US hop – Citra. SPA is full of citrus fruit aroma and flavour.” It will be sold for £3 a bottle.

We also hope to provide our second ‘This Brew of Ours’ in limited numbers – a breakfast stout brewed and donated by three of our volunteers. 4.7% stout with coffee, oat and chocolate flavours. Bottled in reclaimed, sanitised 330ml. This will be a snip at £2 a bottle, as will the usual Holtses.

This Brew of Ours was lovingly prepared and donated by volunteers, with their only wish being to add to our matchday enjoyment. Let’s all be proud of this club of ours and all its intertwining strands of beauty. Don’t hog the duvet…

Fraternally yours, as always
The Oddies

- Usual door rules apply, members plus one guest, doors 12pm. Situated behind the Manchester Road End at Gigg Lane.


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