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Mount Fabric at CYCM

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By Lottie Buckley
A crowded room full of FC United fans waiting for a match on a Saturday afternoon can’t particularly be an easy crowd to please. After an unusual array of acts had performed, from wannabe comedians to poets, Mount Fabric finally arrived, after experiencing a few troubles trying to get all their new equipment into their car.

2011 had been an important year for the band, seeing them receive increasingly more airplay, making a couple of small festival appearances, and recruiting a new keyboard player, Liz. As the opening notes of ‘The Lightning Fork’ chimed into the stuffy room, a moment of visible realisation appeared on the faces of the fans, the kind of realisation that dawns on you when you can finally match a song to a name.

The vocal range of front man, Alex Marczak is astonishing. The quality and consistency of his voice when performing live makes obvious how little editing and additional sound effects were needed in the studio when recording. The catchy, stays-in-your-head guitar riff accompanies the murkier, mysterious introduction, with the steady thump of the bass drum leading up to the strong, pure chorus vocals, offering a truly electrifying composition.

The four-song set continued with two more strong songs from their most recently-released EP ‘Threads’, which is representative of the band’s sound, but compared to earlier songs truly illustrates the band’s progress and involvement of new equipment. ‘Rat on Crack’ and ‘Cortisol’ were followed by an older song I didn’t catch the name of, however the strict 22-minute time restriction meant that the band had to bring the set to an abrupt close. Obviously, due to the nature of not only the crowd, but also the gig, if wasn’t a jump-out-of-your-seat kind of event, but it was received well.

When interviewed, the band stressed the importance of the involvement of the new gadgetry, trying to swerve dramatically away from being known as ‘just another guitar band’. Similarly, when asked about influences, Marczak quickly informed me that, if anything, they were trying to avoid being linked to, or using the sounds of other bands as a base for their songs.

Undoubtedly, the popularity of the band is sure to increase within the next few months, as the band have been selected to tour California. They have also organised a few fairly local gigs beforehand to ‘warm-up’. It’s obvious that the band were very thankful and grateful, not only for the incredible chance to travel to the US, but also being asked to play at a football club. They seem an incredibly genuine bunch of people, and I seriously wish Alex the best of luck with meeting Cameron Diaz. This band is going places.

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