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Enjoy a Liquid lunch at Malcolms this Saturday

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Murdoch and his mates, aka the dibble, have thrown up a nasty fixture clash for FC United again on Saturday, but fear not for those of us who don’t dance to Sky TV’s tune, there is Course You Can Malcolm.

We are pleased to welcome a band called Liquid, about whom our ageing ‘talent scout’ says: “You can hear shades of Wedding Present and a bit of The La’s…”

In what may be a first, one of the band has kindly written an article for us as a preview. So over to Dermot…

I’ve read a bit about FC United but this is will be the first time I’ve been to one of your games and I’m really chuffed to be experiencing first hand what it is you’re doing.

If you’ll forgive me for saying so, I kind of think we have something in common. There’s a genuine-ness about what FC United has done that appeals to me. I think it is something to be applauded and admired and serves as a reminder that belief, passion and a desire to express ourselves isn’t corporate, it cannot be silenced and isn’t always about money.

I’m speaking on behalf of all of us when I say that we’ve really been looking forward to playing this gig today. From the point where our friend Pete Garton, from Akoustik Anarchy, asked if we fancied doing it, we were all up for it and when those behind CYCM sent me the details and displayed the kind of enthusiasm for what goes on here, it was totally infectious.

It was obviously going to be a great day out. Football and music, the two have always gone hand in hand. Bloody hell, I’ll curtail that quickly in case I start to sound like a reviewer from The Guardian talking about the latest ‘Rock & Goal Years’ DVD.

I love the Half Man Half Biscuit lyric that goes “My life is comfortable but I don’t want that image for my band.” It’s funny and clever and highlights a façade that exists in too many aspects of life – but I don’t imagine it applies here at FC United and similarly, it’s not that way with our group.

When you see us you’ll know immediately that it isn’t about money or fame, it’s about a desire to do something creative and to try and do it well.

Purely because we really like it and we have chosen this method to express ourselves this way. Making music is a right buzz for us and we choose to give away what we make for free, gratis, you just have to lend us your ears and if you like what you hear, give us an email address and we’ll link you to our music.

The group is based out of The Star and Garter in Manchester, a DIY music venue that operates on the basis of a co-op and specialises in sub cultures & alternative music. It is a genuinely independent company in a very corporate world.

It works in a way that’s not dissimilar to what I’ve learned about the ethos behind what FC United is doing and it is the same scenario that exists within this group. There are usually six of us that play but unfortunately Pranam, our guitar player, cannot be with us, so it is a case of ‘and then there were five’.

I hope that we can interest and entertain you and the day is a successful one for everyone involved… Oh and of course, that the result of the match is a win for FC United.

Cheers Derm.

Usual terms and conditions will apply. One member plus a guest. Doors open 12-12.30pm at the Manchester Road End. When we get hold of our beer ordering sex fiend we will update you on refreshment. All your favourite foods and tipples will be available with all proceeds going to FC United of Manchester. That is ALL PROCEEDS… Enjoy.

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