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2011 – the year of the hog

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Two bearded pigs“Living Newspapers” were one of the most successful of the theatre forms pioneered by Agitprop groups of the pre-Second World War years – groups like the Salford “Red Megaphones”, in which Ewan McColl (aka Jimmy Miller) played an instrumental role. But what was a Living Newspaper? Where did the idea come from? How was it used to get an alternative message across to working people from the established “Newspapers”?

Find out by attending an illustrated talk at Salford’s Working Class Movement Library this Wednesday, 14 December at 2pm. During the talk, items of interest from the Library will be available to view.

The Workers’ Educational Association Socialist Theatre Course, which has been running successfully for the last ten weeks at the Library, will also present excerpts from their own Living Newspaper: “2011 – the year of the hog”.

Admission free, light refreshments available. 51 Crescent, Salford M5 4WX.

Eric Northey, one of the participants in the event, has contacted AFL to provide us with this sneak preview of one of the songs from the Living Newspaper:

Call me Dave …bam bam bam

I’m a millionaire but you can call me Dave…bam bam bam!

I just love that old demotic, for I’m really not despotic

To the oiks that I treat as slaves.

I’ll close hospitals and care homes

Useless libraries and their great tomes

Call me Dave! Call me Dave! Call me Dave!

The workers:
We’ll resist…bam bam bam

Every time you criminalise us, we’ll resist…bam bam bam!

If you try to steal our pension, we will give you hypertension

‘Cos you’ll find that we’ll see red mist!

You will give us what we’ve paid for

That’s the pensions that we’ve slaved for

We’ll resist! We’ll resist! We’ll resist!

Call me George!…bam bam bam

I’m in charge of taxing riff-raff, call me George

I may look like the grim reaper, as I make the prices steeper

No more butter, you will all eat marge!

It’s on you I put the onus, to maintain the city’s bonus

Call me George! Call me George! Call me George!

The workers:
Tax the rich…bam bam bam

If we’re going to save the planet, tax the rich…bam bam bam

They’re the ones who drive the porsches, spend 12 million on their daughter

And they don’t know their art from kitsch!

We want health care for the nation, won’t accept our lowly station

Tax the rich! Tax the rich! Tax the rich!

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