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AFLM:SPG 7. Open your eyes, take it in and then rest your head a while…

Submitted by on December 2, 2011 – 9:59 am2 Comments

Issue seven of A Fine Lung Manchester: Spirit, Patience, Gentleness, will be out for FC United’s home match against Chorley on Saturday. Copies will also be available in the usual outlets, including Cornerhouse.

During the construction of this issue, there were concerns that it may be too big. We are after-all overly verbose, as some wags have pointed out, and this edition is a further development of that theme. But, such concerns were dispatched as one of our number remarked that ‘we always send our readers to sleep, but at least this time they can use it as a pillow…’

With that sentiment in mind we hope to bring you the 48-page bumper value Christmas edition this weekend. Coming on to the streets at a time of deep unrest, we haven’t shirked the debates going on within society and within our own football club. We have been criticised for a lack of football content in the past – be rest assured this is more than balanced out in this issue. We have stories from our lovely pool of esteemed scribes, detailing football experiences from Stockport to Vienna, via Madrid and Manchester.

There is, of course, much musical opinion within the pages, including Mick Middles revealing the part his wedding played in a legendary Manchester music death. Politics features as always. There is also much about our proposals for a ground in Moston and a rant about cliques to appease the vacuous vulgarities of the clique-obsessed. At this point we must point out a mistake – on page five we wrongly say three of the original board members are still in place, when it is actually four. We forgot someone. Feel free to insert your own highly amusing jokes about who that person may have been. As it happens, the silly mistake doesn’t alter the sentiment of the article and it will give some people something to point out and snigger about. Everyone is a winner.

So, for £2, that’s a zero percent price increase from the first issue in 2008, you get what could quite possibly be the biggest ever United fans’ publication (probably not, but it is a nice line), a ready-made pillow and you are helping your wonderful football club balance out the evils of a society being destroyed by the elitists who run it. We may struggle to get another out for a while, due to having lives and stuff, so it is a good job it may well take you until Easter to read it.

All profits go to FC United of Manchester and the ongoing quest for a home. Open your eyes, take it in and then rest your head a while…zzzzzzz…

Spirit, Patience, Gentlenessly yours,


  • Twomowers says:

    Yeah but what about the AFL coterie’s (look it up durr brains)Fun Bus? When’s it gonna show up at an away game? Or are yous too cool to actually go to football matches you attention seeking non-attendance puffs?

  • midjmo says:

    Forgot to put in the article – we are currently working on limited edition (lung/cycm non match going clique only) flat caps that play Land of Hope and Glory when you press the little union flag that will be elegantly placed on the back. #coolasfuckingfuck

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