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Peeple who need people

Submitted by on October 24, 2011 – 5:53 pmOne Comment

Peeple buying books at a book marketPeople need to go into the Peeple’s History Museum and ask for a book written by a local people. Undividable Glow, the book famously depicting the birth of a Manchester football club owned and run by local people.
The one place that one would expect to find a book about the life and times of Manchester people is the Peeple’s History Museum. However even though the Museum has been supplied with four of the aforementioned books these have never been put on display in the Museum shop.
It’s not the money that is the issue, it’s the fact that a publication by a working class people is not being represented. The Peeple’s History Museum does sell all sorts of books by toffee-nosed well-to-do farts, but where’s our book?
The here-mate-do-ya want a book, I got plenty of dem books, small ones, shiny ones, some as big as ya head book supplier has asked the Peeple’s History Museum for either the four Undividable Glows back or the cash. Neither has been forthcoming.
Don’t feel too sorry for the Peeple’s History Museum even though they are under pressure from the Tory cu ts, because they are the “Peeple’s” History Museum, people is a generic term that can mean anything to anybody. Everyone is a peeple, the Queen, Thatcher, Cameron as well as Scargill and my aunt Dot. The name allows it to be popularist without being radical. It seems to me that the Peeple’s History Museum deliberately avoids any concept of militant independent working class activity, this is probably so that it can tap into the various funding pots run by middle-class do-gooding patronisers.
The point is our book should be in the bloody museum if they like it or not. So my plan is if you happen to be sauntering around town looking for discarded dog-ends or half-eaten squashed subs, pop up in the Peeple’s History Museum and ask for our peeple book. No, demand our book. If they do happen to have a copy of the book and you have already got it, which is likely, then start to drool at the mouth, clutch your bollocks or other relevant genitalia and scream ‘I’m a toaster, where is my propeller?’.
I am hoping that this cunning plan will initiate a synaptic pathway sequence within the brain of a Peeple’s History Museum shop book putter-outer to go and find our book that they have stashed under the counter and place it in full view of the passing general public, whereupon a people happening to pass the bookshelves will have their eye caught by the brilliance of the book cover, pick up the book and think, ‘what the fuck is this all about?’, take the book home read the book and think ‘what the fuck was that all about?’.Cover of the book Undividable Glow
The Peeple’s History shop book putter-outer, noting the voluptuous demand for Glows, will contact our here-mate-do-ya want a book, I got plenty of dem books, small ones, shiny ones, some as big as ya head book supplier and ask for plenty of dem glows. At this juncture our here-mate-do-ya want a book, I got plenty of dem books, small ones, shiny ones, some as big as ya head book supplier can say ya owe me for four of dem books if ya want more I’ll send dem pronto like. Having established the historical significance of a book that glows a nomination for the Nobel illiterate prize will no doubt be forthcoming.
Get your ‘orrible mosh down to that there peeple’s history museum book place and ask for the Undividable Glow.

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  • 1878 says:

    I’m told all four copies have now a) been put in the bookshop and b) subsequently been sold (or stolen I suppose, but hopefully read all the same).
    Good work Navajo

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