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The rest is silence

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To mark the week when campaigners have lost their High Court bid to save six libraries in north-west London from closure.
From Phil Bradley’s blog – full article at http://philbradley.typepad.com/phil_bradleys_weblog/2011/10/a-library-is-not.html

Librarian at Wall Street demo, New York, 2011“Librarians are here to help their communities, and an attack on a library is an attack on a community. It may not seem like it, and clearly to a lot of councillors it doesn’t, but that’s exactly what it is. Because it’s saying that the benefit that people get from their libraries/librarians in terms of learning to read, in getting a job, in finding social services to protect them in some way, in giving people the opportunity to learn or indeed just enjoying a good book – none of that matters. And when they say that none of that matters what they’re actually saying is ‘that community doesn’t matter’ and ‘that person isn’t important’.

Libraries and librarians are not a community ‘bolt on’ service. They are an integral part of a community, they help represent a community and they contribute to the health of a community. That’s why cuts to libraries are so dangerous – not just because they deprive people of access to resources, or jobs, or information or pleasure, but because they say ‘You don’t matter. You are not important’ “.

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