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CYCM – the debut of the Manchester Egg

Submitted by on October 14, 2011 – 11:47 amOne Comment

The Manchester Egg. Born in The Castle on Oldham Street last winter when a man called Ben Holden decided that the traditional Scotch egg was lacking a little Mancunian-ness. He thought: why not put a pickled egg in a sausage and black pudding coating, and wrap it in breadcrumb? As you do after a few pints in The Castle. He woke up next morning and tried it though, and a thing of wonder was born.
So then, an invention stemming from the peculiarly Mancunian talent for gazing at the world in all its wonder, thinking for a minute, and then muttering: ‘Nah, that’s bollocks. This is how we’ll do it…’ Wonder why it’s had its FC United of Manchester aficionados from the beginning?

Manchester EggThis week, it has a pop-up stall (why is everything in ‘pop-up’ form at the moment? If our planning application is knocked back perhaps we should go for a ‘pop-up’ ground?) in Albert Square as part of the Food and Drink Festival. When Ben and his mates on the stall heard about Course You Can Malcolm they insisted on offering us a special deal to bring Manchester Eggs there this Saturday. They told us that they’d turned down a supermarket deal because said supermarket wanted them to compromise on the quality of their ingredients. They said they couldn’t think of anywhere better than Course You Can Malcolm to present their splendid invention.

So a cargo of 11 eggs will be making their way to Malcolmses tomorrow, under careful guard with sirens blaring (that’ll worry them on the 135). The first 11 people to proffer £2 will get the chance to savour an extraordinary taste sensation. We can guarantee you’ll never look the same way at a Scotch egg again.

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  • J. Walter Weatherman says:

    I was being all pretentious and what not yesterday when I said “this re-defines the scotch egg genre”, but one of the Frillies topped that when he said “no, it re-defines the fist sized snack genre”. What a beast of an egg, I’ll never go back to plain old scotch eggs again. Though this means it lowers my number of options at parties slightly whenever there’s a spread on.

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