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Pipe Casting

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Pipes of the bridgewater hall organWending my way to Bridgewater Hall to hear the resident organist’s fiftieth birthday recital, I was elated to see people following the lead of our American sisters and brothers, occupying to resist the Tory scum’s attacks on the working class. A peace camp occupying a peace garden is like soap occupying a soap dish or the Pope occupying the Vatican. I asked them why they didn’t dig in at a place more disruptive to the workings of money making? King Street or outside Barclays on Market Street? They did start their occupation in Albert Square but there was a market the next day. Our brave resistors to the Tory attacks on the poor and dispossessed moved to the peace garden. I’m sure Cameron was shaken to the core by this despicable piece of anti-establishment direct action. I asked what the peace camp was all about, I was told they had the total support of Manchester council and the police. I started to get a bit worried at this point, if people really want to challenge the great and the good and create a more egalitarian society, do they think that the very pillars of society are going to support them? I just hope that the peace camp in the Peace Garden are not the vanguard of the resistance to the Government’s drive to greater levels of exploitation and profit creation. If it is we are stuck with Cameron for a long time. Although there does seem to be a break away peace camp that stuck to their principles and stayed in Albert Square. A split in the peace camp?

Plonking myself down in Bridgewater Hall, a very Standard English voice said that this performance was being broadcast live on Radio 3. I was pleased because it meant that live broadcasting was not totally dead in Manchester as the previous Saturday morning witnessed the final live Saturday morning broadcast from the BBC at Oxford Road. And it was only fitting that this swansong of live broadcasting should be an interview with one of our very own. On the 80th anniversary of Bexley Square, a tweeting account of events of that momentous day was being re-enacted. The great fracas and swirling around of this historic event was brought back to life. The cash-strapped Working Class Movement Library masterminded the whole phenomenon. Pursuing their tireless efforts to promote and bring to life the often hidden history of working class people, lest we forget the sacrifices made on our behalf by our fallen comrades.

Wayne Marshall played an instrument the size of Heaton Park. I love those huge pipe organs that house themselves in the likes of Bridgewater Hall, the Royal Northern College of Music and cathedrals around the world. Any instrument that needs several cranes and a lorryload of muscle to install needs respect. Wayne pushed his organ to its extremes. Opening with Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D minor BWV 565, that’s the piece of music played while Boris Karloff emerges from a coffin, black hair Bryll-creamed flat to his head, black cloak, turns to the camera and reveals Sabre Tooth Tiger-sized fangs. To actually bite a nubile neck Boris would have to open his mouth as wide as Soulie’s arse. My favourite piece was Vierne’s Finale from Symphony No. 1 played at a pace that the Sex Pistols would have been proud of.Fat coppers

27.4 million pounds buys an awful lot of pies and every copper I see in town is getting fatter and fatter by the day. They’ll have to pay another 27.4 million to hoist them out of the city.

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