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Submitted by on October 3, 2011 – 7:33 pmOne Comment

Stop Cu*ts

Yesterday’s protest in Manchester against Tory-led cuts in public services saw an estimated 35,000 people take to the streets. Union members, students and workers were joined by a group of FC United supporters, many of them volunteers for the club. You may have seen them carrying a banner quoting ‘A Fine Lung’ contributor, Mike Duff – making friends, not millionaires. They were applauded by many who saw them. Nobody there disagreed with the sentiment.

It was a rare, albeit from-a-distance, opportunity for members of the ordinary hard-working public to unite and show this unelected shower exactly what they think of them and their cruel and ruthless cuts. Hopefully the point was made. Hopefully David Cameron, George Osborne and the rest of their podgy-faced, Thatcherite scumbag party got some hint that the years of occupation between yesterday and 2015 will be much more difficult than the relative holiday camp they’ve enjoyed in their first 500 and odd days of scheming. If not, there will be plenty of opportunities to get the point across in the coming months and years as the cuts bite and the suffering spreads.

Only in Liverpool would they be less welcome so quite why they thought they could happily descend on Manchester is beyond me but it does present Mancunians with an immediate opportunity to engage Tory party members. They’ve made them easy to spot – look out for their blue ID badges. I’ve heard several tales from Sunday and Monday of smiling, suited Tories being approached by citizens keen to let them know they’re not welcome here or in government.

The conference finishes  on Wednesday so you have another couple of days to spot one wandering around our city and, well, talk to them. If you can’t be in Manchester or they become more difficult to spot because they’ve stashed any tell-tale items in their bags before leaving GMEX then make every effort possible after this week to show Cam and his mates how you feel about their assault on our hospitals and public services before they retreat to their rural Oxfordshire safe-havens.

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