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Battle of Bexley Square remembered

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Bexley Square 1 Oct 19331 1 October marks the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Bexley Square, when unemployed Salford workers marched to demand an end to benefit cuts and the imposition of the means test. Mounted police charged the peaceful demonstration as it neared the Town Hall in Bexley Square, off Chapel Street, and 12 men were arrested. They included Eddie Frow, later the co-founder of Salford’s Working Class Movement Library – on this day in 1931 he had his nose broken in a police cell.

The Library is marking the anniversary by recreating the events leading up to the day, and the march itself – in 140-character tweets. Head to ‘@wcmlibrary’ or search Twitter using #BexleySquare to read the story. For Jimmy Miller (later known as Ewan MacColl)’s description of the events, in which he played a part, click here

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