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Love Moston

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The founders of Moston Miners ClubA gentle perambulation along Dean Lane, the temperateness warming my heart, reminds me of Jung the psychoanalyst who was a contemporary of Freud, who said that if it was fine weather when you were engaged in an activity it was a good omen. But he also said that there was a universal consciousness that all humans tapped into, the collective knowledge of humanity was pooled and that everyone had an unconscious access to this knowledge. So maybe sunny weather isn’t a good omen but I felt smashing.

I was to do my bit for our move to Moston and I always get a positive glow when I’m doing something for FC United. We were to leaflet for our North Manchester Day event, the flyers were to be posted through the letter-boxes of the terraces, semis and town-houses of Moston. The gallant volunteers of FC had posted nearly 5000 leaflets, each one containing free entry for four people, if they all turned up we’d be in trouble.

Meeting in the Miners for a quiet brew showed that Mostonians have a love of unity and action. The Miners was a run down, decaying, forgotten public house. Used as a toilet and underage drinking den. The local people got together and took over the derelict pub, decorating and revitalising the building, turning it into a structure that is now used by community groups and local youth groups. One of them being ‘Mad’, the Moston youth theatre group, another being M40 4FC. The Miners has a community cafe, serving food and drinks throughout the day, sofas, TV and art all mingle to make an enjoyable and comfortable eclectic environment.

Being driven along St Mary’s Road, past the proposed site and accosted by ‘Love Glazer, Hate FC United’. Maybe I was moving into enemy territory. I noticed the odd ‘Say No to the Community Stadium’ posters. We pulled over and prepared ourselves for the expedition into the depths of Moston.

We organised ourselves into two groups, staying together while we posted the well-designed and colourful handbill. A picture of Carlos swivelling around an unseen opponent, black, red and white friendly font, I felt proud to deliver such an excellent flyer carrying a message of community cohesion.

The streets were quiet, Moston being a working class area where most people are working. The occasional person out tending their garden took the leaflet with positive interest. A volunteer nearly had his fingers amputated by a very excited dog, who obviously was eager to get his paws on the free match day tickets.

M40 4FC painted on wallThe sun had enticed one couple to sit out and drink tea and they watched us leafleting with interest. As I approached the couple I noticed that the man was wearing a city top. We handed him our circular, the response was one that you would have expected from a person that supported such a team. I wondered at the wisdom of handing him one of our broadsheets. We were a bit short of leaflets and it seemed a waste to give one away to someone who was manifestly opposed to our plans. However, it was all cheerful banter and as hardline football fans we can hold our own. One of our merry band stayed and took the time to explain to this unlikely listener what FC United stood for and what we were trying to do in Moston. He signed the letter supporting our planning application and said he’d come to watch FC United of Manchester.

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