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Submitted by on February 3, 2010 – 2:58 pmNo Comment

I have heard it described as “inspired”, “tokenism”, “genius” and “the latest fashion item which means very little in the grand scheme of things”. Whatever your deep-down thoughts about G&G and whether or not it will make the blindest bit of difference to the long term future of MUFC, you have to be the coldest of cold-hearted cynical miserable twats not to look at G&G as a delightful infection that’s taking over our city, reminding Reds everywhere that the enemy is that family and those who allowed their plundering of our beloved Manchester United.

MUFC is such a corporate monster that the outcome everyone wants is highly unlikely.  Someone with a spare billion might come in and do an Abu-Dhabi with United or that horrible parasitic family might sell Carrington and Old Trafford to Urban Splash, who’ll turn it into flats for snotty media degree graduates to inhabit during their secondment to the BBC’s new HQ, whilst what’s left of the club is driven into the ground forcing Reds to start all over again. But the most unlikely of outcomes, United being in the hands of supporters, seems the least unlikely of the three options that are in my head unless there is a renewed unity amongst United fans and a collective will not to have our pants pulled down any further.

The finances of the club and what they might look like should the opportunity of supporter ownership become apparent are details in the hands of a select clever few. They are one of the many strands of the resistance, as are FC United, IMUSA and MUST. For me the subtle genius of G&G is that for the first time in 5 painful years, Reds are united under a single banner, all squabbles aside. I don’t envisage for one second that anyone in Tampa is going “they’re wearing green and yellow, we’re fucked” but without that banner of hatred for the Glazers we remain a fragmented group of moaners, militants and fantasists each doing their own different thing in the hope that the problem will go away.

Some might argue that IMUSA is a spent and tired force, more than a few might label MUST’s efforts as rather jellyfish and FC United have certainly been outcast by many Reds who bizarrely saw the club as a bigger betrayal of United than the Glazer sale itself. There are a bigger number of people than those associated with all three of the above that are simply guilty of shutting up and doing fuck all. Well, it’s time to forget all that and concentrate on beating the enemy whilst wearing two colours which when worn together make most people look like a dick. Fashion’s not important here – it’s all about United.

Look upon it like this – G&G is, one the one hand, a big warm beach towel that’s wrapped around the Manchester United family, keeping us all warm after the most horrible of paddles in a freezing, human shite-infested sea at Towyn (metaphor for the unpleasantness of watching your club fiscally raped, tinged with the joy of everyone hating those fuckers again). On the other it is a giant battering ram, behind which we should all stand and charge down Warwick Rd, bouncing David Gill and all the other high-walled-garden-in-Alderley-Edge fuckers’ Bentleys and Aston Martins out of the way (metaphor for not sniping at fellow Reds and working together to return the game in general to its rightful heirs). If my metaphors were that good I wouldn’t need bracketed explanations. Anyway….

G&G symbolises a resistance which for too long has been quelled by ignorance, apathy and good results on the pitch. At last almost everyone knows that the situation at United is dire. Spreading the G&G message, whether sartorially or vocally if you prefer wearing black because it’s slimming, is key to driving those fuckers and all their equivalents at other clubs out of the game for good. And if they won’t fuck off then start your own club, dish your own shares out on a one member one vote basis and work together to deliver tangible benefits to your communities and build sustainable future for football, free of dicks who take a billion times more than they give. That sounds familiar.

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