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Know your enemy

Submitted by on August 11, 2011 – 8:58 amOne Comment

"Glad you came, these rats are running riot"

The worst thing about this whole ugly riot business is the way so many people, when they’re frustrated about something they have every right to be frustrated about, instead of looking around for the bigger reasons, just prefer to look down and attack those within easiest reach.

This goes for both the rioters and the reactionary drones who love saying words like ‘mindless’, ‘thug’ and ‘feral’, and love even more to draw attention to their own superior moral code, because they have a job. You know, get up early, do some work, pay taxes, pay for things.

A lack of politicised class consciousness is as glaring there as it is in the rioters. Keep your head down, don’t question why things are the way they are, and occasionally lash out at those that can least defend themselves.

Remember who the real enemy is – and it’s not a bunch of kids, no matter how ugly their actions. Remember who the real enemy is – the tories and their corporate bosses who have done more damage to our cities and livelihoods than any number of rioters. Think about what reaction they want from ordinary people, and what horrors they’ll do with the new laws they’ll rush through to assuage the fear.

It’s a crying shame that the rioters don’t have the class consciousness to direct their frustration towards those who deserve having a bit of what they’ve dished out returned to em. It was mostly innocent people who had their shops and flats burnt out, or were killed.

So, we can either try to prevent future riots by giving more people opportunities to have a better life, or make things worse and up the ante by putting more weapons on the street, to make everyone feel safer.

If there’s no will to take some of the stolen wealth from the rich and spread it out a bit more, then something has to be done to encourage a political class consciousness, so when things do kick off again, the angry and disaffected don’t go out looking to grab a free pair of trainers or a telly, but look to target their true enemies.

All the reactionary idiots spouting their right wing bully-boy nonsense are doing is what the middle class always do – aligning themselves with the rich and powerful. They aren’t on your side and never will be.

It’s so easy to look down for reasons, but until you start to look up more often, you’ll find yourself shit upon from both directions.

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  • midjmo says:

    The reaction of many in the public at large has been almost as distressing as the actual images of consumer rioting itself.

    People, at work, or family members, or mates you respect, have allowed themselves to be manipulated by the status quo set in place by the politicians (of all persuasions), police fascists and media to turn themselves into rabid right wing verbal hooligans.

    A dear, dear friend of mine emailed this week to say ‘about time they turned the water canons on them’. She, badly scarred by sectarian troubles in her native country, should know that would serve little purpose in the grander scheme of things.

    But she doesn’t because she doesn’t allow herself to. I’d class her as quite liberal. But even she is spouting the lazy, ignorant language of people who are as much at fault for the state of the country as those pillocks looting and marauding around our cities are.

    I really hope that when things calm down and people allow themselves to think a little, they will start to address the actual issues rather than reacting so simply and with such a lack of intelligence or analysis.

    It was horrible seeing our cities being wrecked. I sat looking out of my Salford flat window watching my city burn and was close enough to struggle to decifer whether or not the sirens were on TV or on my street.

    I was angry, as everyone was, but I am very fortunate to be able to see the bigger picture and I hope others will eventually reach the same conclusions. I was angry at the right people.

    I, and the many right-thinking people, many of whom have written some excellent articles on this website, realise who the real enemy is and here’s hoping the rest of the country will start to work things out for the best. Until we do we will make things worse for everyone.

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