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We’re all losing our Marbles

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As the so-called Egyptian spring appears to have bypassed summer to contemplate Autumn, and the uprisings peter out into division or receive only selective backing from the western super-powers with ulterior motives, we hoped for an unlikely revolution of our own in Britain.

The expected fury over the Tory cuts and ideological attacks on the have-nots of our country has not yet touched fever pitch. Sporadic outbursts have proved to be almost isolated incidents, but now we see some of the major players in keeping a lid on such outpourings of anger falling to their knees, could we be seeing major steps made in dragging Britain up the proverbial steps to finally becoming egalitarian, free and fair?

Sycophancy, corruption, nepotism, elitism and tyranny. Five bywords for which Britain has always stood. Those of us outside of the preserves of the ruling classes have achieved many greater exploits, but we have never truly cracked the shell of arrogance shielding those born into their roles, who determinedly keep the rest of us in our places.

The Rupert Murdoch phone hacking affair threatened to be a huge turning point in the cultural history of our country and may well herald a ground-shift in the relationship between media, politicians and the police, but let’s not kid ourselves that those in control are in any danger of letting their grip slip.

It is roundly agreed that this is one of the biggest news stories of all time, dealing, as it does, with the state, celebrities and the very owners of the media, all colluding with each other behind the scenes, while pulling the collective wool over the lives of the rest of us to the detriment of everyone.

Huge hype preceded the Murdochs’ and Rebecca Brooks’ appearances in front of MPs this week and, save for the behaviour of an attention seeking twat off Twitter, there was not a great deal to report. It appears that those in power can hide behind a mantra of ‘I have no knowledge’ or ‘my company is so big and worth so much I don’t know anything that is going on’. That, or you can pretend to be a dithering old fool who’s losing his marbles for a bit and have your wife slap aforementioned twat around the face and all is nearly forgiven.

pyright of Murdoch's company, probably

copyright of Murdoch's company, probably

By far the funniest comment on the whole event came within the first seconds when, reacting to Rupert’s surreal and hilarious interruption of bullshitting son James, The Guardian’s Charlie Brooker tweeted: ‘Burns just interrupted Smithers.’ That was as good as it got, really.

Brooks was pathetic. If she knew about the hacking, and I am willing to speculate that it is implausible that when she was editor of the paper she didn’t ask reporters where their stories came from, she is culpable and should be behind bars. If she didn’t know, as she repeatedly claims, she is completely incompetent and therefore firmly to blame for the whole scandal. But as usual it’s the people at the bottom of the pile that take the head of the match. As the private detective hired by News International rots in prison, the bosses who made the call are walking free, and, let’s be realistic, will never face proper justice.

“I feel sorry for old Rupert,” said a scouse woman at work as we watched Johnny no Marbles being led away in cuffs. The same woman who rejoices in telling the world how much of a massive LFC fan she is. A woman whose fellow supporters were disgracefully besmirched by one of Murdoch’s infamous titles over the Hillsborough tragedy.

Another colleague said: “You can’t do that to an 80-odd year old man. He had some balls going back in there. I quite like him now.” This from a journalist. A person whose very trade has been damaged by Murdoch repeatedly since his grubby fingers grasped hold of so much of our newspaper industry. A person who changed papers forever and ruined countless lives with his sinister Thatcher-inspired smashing of the workers at Wapping 25 years ago. Because of Murdoch and his ilk, this journalist now fears for her job every few months as the companies we work for ignore almost powerless unions and cut staff to boost shareholder payouts. Murdoch deserves far more than a foam pie in his face.

And herein lies the true problem. Too many in this country of ours lack a spine or balls or even the slightest principles. So easy to forget the harm an evil man and his empire has inflicted on so many people – with a few manipulated television images all is forgiven. This is the same country where the prime minister can get his privileged keks off the meat hook by making a joke about a fellow unelected prime minister having pyjama parties with one of the hacking scandal’s main players. Oh, forget his imbecilic decision to hire a man as dirty as the dish water his butler deals with, because Dodgy Dave cracked a good joke. Hurrah.

It’s all about image. It’s brainwashing and, make no mistake, it’s the same people behind it as those who have caused the situation in the first place. They’re all cut from the same silk and until ordinary people realise that and stop allowing themselves to be gullibly led, all whiffs of revolution will disappear in the steam from the next police kettle.

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