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Erotic but dangerous

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For those of you who are wondering what the headline above even means, here is a little introduction.

At FC United’s home match against Kendal this bank holiday the pre-match event that is Course You Can Malcolm will be run by that bunch of scruffy looking so and sos who stand up at the back of the MRE, in big coats, with their hands in their pockets.

No not the stewards. It’s the Regional Railway Firm (also known as the RRF). What is Course you Can Malcolm? What are the RRF?

Course You Can Malcolm is, like the tram, part of what links us with that city to which we are trying so hard to return. Through the food, through the ale, through the local bands that play, through the CYCM stickers up in the secret spots and choice watering holes of our fair city and most importantly through the love and care with which its volunteers prepare this small but significant part of the matchday.

Everything it does captures that spirit of Manchester and that heart-gonna-burst-with-love FCUMness that entices all of us up to Gigg Lane every other Saturday.

In the spirit of that volunteering, the RRF are providing this week’s CYCM. Many of the group have been building whole terraces with their intake of DF funding ale over the years at CYCM and so were keen to help out in other ways.

Remember people who always wanted to shirk a scrap by saying ‘i’m a lover not a fighter’? Well the RRF are a whole firm of lovers not fighters. Erotic yet dangerous.

Bringing stupid songs, moronic humour and enough well rounded progressive thought to leave any bells muttering about student union committees.

And this all for freemans, before you see the game. Don’t like it? Then volunteer too. The ladies and gents behind CYCM just need to be approached, and would no doubt appreciate the help.

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