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Census-ship Enterprise

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Sunday was Census Day, the day of the snapshot of the British population, taken every 10 years. You have to complete and return the form ‘as soon as possible’ after Census Day. It might be a pain in the arse, but it is something useful, especially for future generations wanting to find out about us. Filling it in and sending it off is compulsory – there’s a £1,000 fine being threatened for those not complying.

The company that was awarded the contract for processing the forms by our magnificent government is Lockheed Martin, the American arms dealer. This company has profited from some of the worst atrocities of recent years, and along with other similar war profiteers, continually lobbies for and funds those political interests that will support war and military occupations by those they count as regular customers.

So apart from being a major player in the Military Industrial Complex that makes war an essential part of the capitalist economy (along with poverty, exploitation and our compliance – oh, and of course entrepreneurialism), Lockheed Martin also make money from data processing, and will be getting a big chunk of cash from our frugal government for processing the 2011 Census forms. If you don’t like the idea of complying with a process which further enriches such a war-mongering organisation, but also don’t particularly want to inconvenience future historians, let alone have all the hassle of people knocking on your door with threats of big fines, then follow the link at the bottom of the page.

It seems that Lockheed Martin will make their profits based on quick and easy scanning and automated processing. You will make this much easier and therefore more profitable for Lockheed Martin if you submit your form online. Anything that makes your form more difficult to process, such as spelling mistakes, writing outside the designated boxes, ineligible scrawls, joined up writing, wrong colour ink, stains from spilled food and drink, creased or torn pages, sellotape, staples, bar codes being interfered with or forms placed incorrectly in the envelope, would mean Lockheed Martin have to pay people to process it manually. Any number of these things of course could quite easily be done by the fallible human beings completing the form. It’s only to be expected that mistakes may be made in our attempts to get the form submitted as soon as possible.


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