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Higher than the sun

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By Andrew Rhodes
Primal Scream come to Manchester on Sunday (19th March) along with Mani, who will be DJ’ing at Cord beforehand.

It’s 20 years on from Screamadelica being released and I was lucky enough to catch the show in Leeds last week and it was everything and a little more than I had been expecting.

Every two bit outfit from the nineties are wearing the arse out of whichever album at the time sold a few copies but Screamadelica was made for this concept. Although the tracks were not in exactly the order of the album, it was only to benefit the parting shots.

Considering Acid House and the parties that went with its music came a few years even before the release of the album I think 20-odd years is far too long for the people to be still waiting for the next youth explosion.

Anthony Wilson would have expected it by now; he even had a graph that perfectly illustrated the timeline and pattern of these explosions. He no doubt suffered severe impatience in waiting for it to happen, although you would have thought the Hacienda years and punk before that would have dampened his enthusiasm, but I doubt it.

I’ve been waiting myself, but in my mid-30s snorting plant food and then having to look at Biffy Clyro doesn’t do it for me. I thought it was game over for any more soul and spunk in my life but was looking towards it arriving in the medium of new music and a new drug but it didn’t, it arrived along with this thing of ours.

If you would have told me 20 years ago that the next thing to turn me on more than raising my hands in the air to Sasha would involve supporting a new football club I would have been thinking along the lines of treatment for Ecstasy psychosis.

But then came Leigh, the promotions, Rochdale, Brighton, even stopping forever singing I am an FC Fan on New Year’s Day after a total hiding in Halifax.

In Irvine Welsh’s book Porno, Sickboy explains the religion in his life. He believes in Rock and Roll, in Mod, in Northern Soul. In Hip-Hop and Acid House… I’d add FC United of Manchester to that: Free to Do What we Want to Do.

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