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AFLM:SPG Issue six. A real pick and mix.

Submitted by on February 17, 2011 – 10:57 am2 Comments

We’re facing a bashing from our traditional enemy, as since the last AFLM:SPG came out the full extent of the Tories’ ideological class warfare has been revealed.

We all have a part to play in the fight back and FC United of Manchester offers football supporters of a red persuasion the opportunity to show a better way for the game and society. A Fine Lung is one mere strand of that. A lovingly created 44-page publication discussing a range of issues and raising money for our new home in Newton Heath, which will hopefully shine like a beacon of hope in a city and a country under attack from its moneyed rulers.

If the last issue was angry, this one, out on Saturday, offers a more philosophical look at the poo stick we’ve been handed by this government and its puppets in the media. Hello Rupert. There is much reminiscing of United days of the past as we remember where we have all come from. A St Pauli devotee reminds us why that is so important as he reports from Germany on what is challenging that club.

It takes all types to run and develop FC United of Manchester. Those who were home and away reds right up until Glazer came and stole our club, those who had been socially excluded from Old Trafford by the club through cost, those who watched United in the pub and those who are new to football. All ours and all as as important as the other and deserving of the equal voice our club gratefully offers. That’s why we’re unique, and the wide spread of articles in this issue brings that home.

One red recalls United’s ill-fated trip to St Etienne in 1977, when fans spent 90 minutes dodging missiles of bread thrown by French miners. Another younger red recalls the day Beckham’s freekick welcomed the blues back to the big time at Maine Road.

An even younger-young red looks to the future of FC United with a heartwarming optimism. Course You Can Malcolm receives a page, which will hopefully become a regular part of the Lung.

There’s plenty on the troubles engulfing the world with our new columnist Mick Turdkis, and a missive from a future we can still prevent brings home the seriousness of the crossroads at which we stand.

I didn’t know the man who is credited with starting flower power in the 1960s was born in these parts. Tim Hudson toured as a DJ supporting the Beatles, before settling in Los Angeles. He ended up as Ian Botham’s manager before being sacked for revealing that Both was partial to the odd dodgy cig. Mick Middles spent some time at Hudson’s mansion, where he was invited for Christmas dinner with Guns and Roses. If that doesn’t entice you to buy a copy, nowt will.

Meanwhile, Terry Christian talks about the Irish Diaspora and the forthcoming census, after he performed a speech to the House of Commons. Adam Brown, Scott Taylor and Midjmo Matt espouse their musical knowledge upon us all once again and there’s the usual contributions from Mike Duff, whose family won the pools, Mad Cyril, Fraudulent and Talkative Chris among others.

There’s pictures from renowned photographer Matt Squire and Rustle Hart and we’ve even managed to get Oscar Wilde involved somehow. Furthermore, for the first time there is a free copy of the Chadderton Evening Chronicle for all our readers and we’ve got a slightly new look for you to enjoy. We like to keep things moving.

Many branches of the same tree, many strands of the same beacon of light. We’re in this together. No, we at FC United of Manchester actually are. So let’s celebrate our diversity and appreciate each other’s opinions and standpoints. We can cater for everyone. Whatever their tastes and however much they eat. Fat gets.

Issue six is on sale at Gigg Lane on Saturday, February 19th at the home match against Burscough and in the likes of Cornerhouse from next week. £2, all proceeds to FC United of Manchester’s football fightback.


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