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Summerbee of city, or so the saying goes…

Submitted by on February 14, 2011 – 10:30 am3 Comments

Not wanting to plug Sky TV, obviously, but if you didn’t see Mike Summerbee’s display of perfect bitterness post-match on Saturday, enjoy this from youtube:



  • LesBagg says:

    That is priceless!
    “They’ll be looking over their shoulders now, cos Manchester City are there..”

    Yep, always there, always the pretenders, always with Yernited looking behind them!

  • midjmo says:

    For those who can’t be arsed clicking links, and just because it is so special, here it is (we don’t think it is a spoof):

    Derby Message to Supporters
    Tue – 08 Feb Written by Tommy Gunn


    8 years ago Bluewatch was born out of a dream of 2 City fans who were passionate about the club and its fans. At that time the club were treating its fans in a poor way and it was important at that time Bluewatch stood up to them with the help of other fans groups such as King of the kippax, City Till I Cry, Prestwich and Whitefield and other fans groups.

    It is vital in life that we always question authority and especially when that authority can have an input on our destiny. Even when times are good its important to stay alert as usually this is when we can be at our weakest point.

    Luckily for City fans 37 years of constant soul searching and the prayers of generations of thousands upon thousands of City fans have finally been answered.

    I never used to believe in the power of prayer until I started to see them get answered. Prayer requires faith and this is what gives Manchester City and its fans their strength. You see we have no fear of failure as we have been there and fell of the wagon that many times that it does not even hurt.

    While every other club and their fans were laughing at us what they failed to notice was that we were getting stronger and stronger in adversity.

    We became that crazy, we laughed at ourselves and even went bananas in the 80’s. People started to love us and take notice. “What is it about those City fans who laugh in the shadow of United, don’t they realize its all about winning?”

    The way I look at it if you have steak for dinner every day you get arrogant and don’t appreciate it.

    When you have mince and sausage every day you hunger for the steak more and more and when its on the horizon you enjoy the build up.

    Fellow blues; our steak is on the horizon and I’m sick to death of 37 years of sausage like you, but just be patient and enjoy the ride as this is the fun bit.

    If the rags are the club of the devil then surely we must be as Paul Hince put it “Gods Own Club”. We play in blue and have been in the wilderness for too long and Bobby Manc is taking us to the promised land.

    Theres a reason why a prince bought us.
    Theres a reason why this is our time.
    Theres a reason why our prayers have been answered.
    Theres a reason why were city fans.

    We were chosen…………You Must Never Stop Dreaming And Believing.

    Tommy Gunn

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