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“Are they taking the piss?”

Submitted by on February 8, 2011 – 6:22 pmOne Comment

Picture by Mick Dean

Those were the words that came from the mouth of a bloke reading the paper on my train this morning. He was reading the full extent of the Tory cuts which will batter Manchester.

Their ideological crusade to kill public services so the ruling classes in business can take advantage with money-making schemes, continues apace with details announced of the cuts forced upon Manchester city council.

Among the cuts to libraries, leisure services, youth clubs and other schemes that have made a positive difference to people’s lives, is the closure of Ten Acres Lane leisure centre in Newton Heath, where FC United of Manchester hope to set up their community football ground.

Details here:

Meanwhile, as we all prepare to suffer, the people who have given the Tories their excuse to swing the axe are to be rewarded with tax cuts, when it should be them who should be paying for better services for the rest of us.

Prepare to be disgusted here:

Stand up and fight, before it’s too late.

Get to London on March 26th. Don’t spout nonsense about it being disloyal to your football teams to miss a match for a protest. Your football club may not exist if the Tory axe continues to swing.



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  • midjmo says:

    The Chadderton Evening Chronicle today ignores the biggest cuts in the history of Manchester and seemingly forgets its petition drive to get people to sign up in protest at the Tory policies. Instead it splashes on a woman who lost weight.

    The mind boggles…

    In other news the scousers in my work are singing ‘You’ve only one public toilet…’

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