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Submitted by on December 20, 2010 – 11:08 am2 Comments

Some more people are delayed because of the snow. A spokesman for the transport company that the people have paid for being transported from where they are now to where they want to go, said “we’re doing all we can, but we have to put our passengers’ safety first”. News 24 spoke to Gary and his family who have been queuing for their transport for over 40 minutes… “yeah, we’ve been waiting a while now, and the little one is getting a bit tetchy, but fingers crossed we’ll be moving soon”.

Meanwhile, passengers were forced to stay on a plane for quite a while yesterday, when safety officials deemed conditions outside too treacherous for ordinary people to negotiate. We spoke to one of the trapped passengers, a Catholic Priest, who was hoping to be saying mass somewhere else tonight, but instead is contending with the possibility of spending a while more sat in his seat, getting increasingly bored – “some of the passengers are having panic attacks, but not me, and to be fair to the staff, they have brought us hot drinks and some small headphones, which I’ll probably keep”, said Canon Miser Rate.

In other news, Chris in Manchester was frustrated on Sunday night when he ran out of milk, and just when he really fancied a cup of tea as well. Facing an overnight wait for the milkman to bring more supplies, he put on a brave face, saying “well, of course it would have been nice if someone had let me know when the last bit was used, as usually we manage with Friday’s milk over a weekend, but we had visitors today, so what can you do?” Our North of England correspondent Francis Fence was however able to report a happy ending to this particular story, following a great effort by the milkman to deliver first thing this morning – “yes, the milk was waiting for me when I opened the door this morning, so I had a brew and some Kellogg’s Start” said a much relieved Chris, 28.

Next on News 24, we have a special report from Mexico City, where our Science and Technology Correspondent Martin Barometer reveals the nightmare faced by one unlucky office worker, who couldn’t see his computer screen very well because of the sun shining through the window, and how it was only through the quick reactions of an enterprising colleague that he was able to get on with his work with minimal disruption.

Travel Misery: Passengers can expect more scenes like this in the coming days


  • Havaho says:

    One persons desperation to get to the pub.
    The following post is from todays Manchester Freecycle.

    WANTED: Tank (Whalley Range)

  • LesBagg says:

    I went to the dentists this morning, it was an early appointment so instead of spending 15 minutes defrosting the car I made the 10 minute walk into town.
    I sat in the Dentists chair and he said
    “It’s really cold isn’t it?”
    “Yes” I replied, “It’s Winter, it’s meant to be”

    I then went to the barbers to have my bald patch trimmed. I sat in the chair and the barber said
    “Eeeeh, it’s a bit dodgy underfoot int it?”
    “Yes” I replied, “That’s what snow and ice does, it makes the floor a bit slippery”

    Later on I had to use the car to get to work for the afternoon shift, Wigan was gridlocked, people were queuing up to get onto the Tesco car park, when it was obviously full. I looked at them all sat there as I drove past, they weren’t moving, they weren’t likely to move, all they were doing was blocking the roads for everyone else who wasn’t stupid enough to start queuing up for a full car park.
    A real Winter, beautiful to look at, but a horrendous brain cruncher!!

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