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DF Institute. Xmas gift for life…

Submitted by on December 7, 2010 – 12:58 pm5 Comments

Stuck for that Xmas gift? Want it to be special and tasteful but it’d be a bonus if it was a bargain? Tight gets. Well done. You’ve found it here.

Afinelung.com has appropriated a limited edition of 22 numbered prints by Manchester musician and artist, Gideon Conn. It’s pictured above. Gideon’s pictures are always an asset to have on any wall but this particular print is of when Gideon played Course You Can Malcolm a few weeks back. The ‘Punk Football’ flag is there behind Six Day Riot, the band that was playing at the time Gideon was drawing. He couldn’t draw himself whilst he was playing obv. That might be your head on there?

If you go to the Richard Goodall Gallery on Thomas Street you’ll see all sorts of limited edition prints going for all sorts of potty prices. Like we’d nail your hat on with pricing like that. Although we should, as all monies are going to the DF.

We’ll bring you quality, meaningful art for less. The prints will be numbered from 1 to 22 and each print will be priced at £22. When they’re gone, they’re gone. That will be 22 times £22, which equals £484 for the DF. You get some original Manchester art showing a place that you can be proud of for far less. The feel of Course You Can Malcolm encapsulated by the skill of a Manchester artist. Proper FC United of Manchester class.

We were going to frame them but thought that would be too subjective on our part. If you want one then they’ll be on sale in CYCM this Saturday for the Halifax game or you can pre-empt the rush by plonking a comment in the comments box below if you want one. We’ll save them at CYCM if you want to pick them up after the game so it doesn’t get squashed.


  • teddy says:

    Dont suppose there is any chance of rolling one up in one of those special postal tubes and sending it to a UK address for me is there? I could paypal the money over…

  • The Real Roxanne says:

    Without wanting to sound too wanky, how have they been reproduced?

  • deadbeat descendant says:

    Hi All,

    I deffo want one but will be struggling to get to the game on Sat to collect. I am at the cup game (obv) but will not be able to make CYCM due to mad dash across the country to get to Gigg..

    As the other chap asked, any chance I can get one mailed out in a tube? I will pay the wack required for postage hassle etc to the dev fund..



  • JAY says:

    I want 1 of them.
    Are they signed?

    Don’t want to miss out – I was offered 3 Lowrys many years ago, when the guy was alive & said no. (Couldn’t afford).
    Then he died…. still couldn’t afford.

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