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We should be United

Submitted by on October 28, 2010 – 5:34 pmOne Comment

A MUST member speaks out:

I am an active member of MUST. I am also proud to be a founder member of FC United and although I do not go to the games I buy a season ticket to Gigg Lane every year and make a sizeable donation, which would otherwise have gone on my United season ticket, to FC United funds.

I applaud everything that is being done at FC United and commend Andy, Adam and everyone involved. I support the board in its efforts to move to a new ground and will continue to do so.

I make an active use of my membership by voting every year at the AGM. I am incredibly proud of the team. I am sure I am not the only FCUM supporter with dual affiliations. FC United is a model for what all football clubs should be and I espouse my open support to FCUM to anyone who raises the issue either in public or on the MUST members’ helpdesk.

BUT Manchester United is my first love and I will not give up on it. I hope you and your readers will credit those of us who put in more time and energy than is good for us for MUST, with standing by our beliefs and not giving up on our club.

We do believe that Manchester United will come back to us if we keep up the fight. I don’t think we have ever been critical of FC United, in fact quite the reverse. But while FCUM is building a club from the grass roots up, we are coming at this from the polar opposite end of the spectrum.

We have a much wider supporter base to appeal to and we need to attract a lot more money than FCUM if we are ever to succeed in our aim. MUST is not the enemy. We are focussed, we are committed, many of us support FCUM, and we love United.

We need all our members to remember what MUST is about and why they committed with us to the struggle to get rid of the Glazers. I find it extremely sad that stories like [some on afinelung.com] seem designed to drive a wedge between football supporters who should be working together for the good of the game.

MUST is also a member of Supporters Direct and over the years we have lent our support to any struggling club who has asked us. In fact I well remember shaking a bucket for Bury outside Old Trafford and writing an article about their difficulties many years before FCUM went to Gigg Lane.

Our record is one of supporting clubs in trouble, just as United is. Perhaps FCUM might consider lending its support to MUST.

Instead of trying to entice our members away, why not congratulate us for the progress we have made in the last five years against all the odds. We should be supporting each other. Let’s look forward to a future when one day we will have two supporter-owned clubs in Manchester competing against each other for top honours.

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  • Felonious Manc says:

    Your last paragraph is the problem. What progress? Amassing a large email address book? The Green and Gold campaign? Promoting a SHARP branded replica fans shirt? I get email after email from MUST and they’re just empty rhetoric. There’s nothing in them that you can pin down as: finally a positive idea for action.

    I don’t think anyone is questioning MUST’s motives (he fibbed) but everything MUST ever seems to announce is a gesture. A new PR exercise. And it shouldn’t be surprising given that MUST has employed a PR company because so many of these gestures feel like that’s where they originated.

    I appreciate MUST’s fear that any call to arms might fracture an imagined fan solidarity but that fan solidarity has no value if it’s never called on to do anything more demanding than a bit of retail fashion. A lot of us suspect that MUST fears that, if they call for real action and nothing happens, MUST will be left as a busted flush. So they’ll never call for action.

    How much time, effort and expense has been put into this fans replica shirt idea? All for another gesture and, if it’s to raise money, money for what? An organisation that’s mired in procrastination and scared of frightening the horses?

    I suspect that real problem between MUST and FCUM is not impatience on the part of the latter but different goals. It may pay lip service to fan ownership but MUST doesn’t really envisage an MUFC beyond a more benign millionaire owner to rid the club of the debt. FCUM look upon the debt as just a symptom of the real problem which is fans not having power at the club. And, however much we may dream, genuine fan ownership of Old Trafford is never going to happen, not even if it’s owned by Red Knights professing to be fans.

    FCUM haven’t lost their love for MUFC but I think they’ve rejected forever now that model of running a football club and won’t be back.

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