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MUST transfer news

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Scarf waving

In an interesting development, MUST have included the following paragraph in their latest correspondence to members:

6. Supporters Direct and Ilkeston
As many members will be aware MUST is part of a movement of supporters’ trusts at over 150 football clubs across the UK under the banner of Supporters Direct. One of these groups is based in Ilkeston, where the local club went bust a month ago and we’ve been asked to publicise this to MUST members. They’re looking to reform it as a supporters’ co-operative and need their local council to get behind them, and they’ve asked if other fans who support them can sign their petition.

As has been their policy throughout the existence of FC United of Manchester, MUST appear to ignore the supporters’ trust-run club on their very red doorstep. Their brothers and sisters in arms would surely appreciate a bit of support and warrant a mention for the work they are doing and the ideals they stand for. Maybe they could encourage their millions of members to back FC’s community share scheme?

So come on MUST, back FC United of Manchester publicly. If you won’t, then at least give us a reason why not.

In the meantime, if you have become alienated or fed up with MUST’s direction, why not withdraw any money you have donated and place it into the FC United/Newton Heath community share scheme. Make an actual difference to Newton Heath and United, don’t just wave a scarf.

Visit fc-utd.co.uk for details on how to sign up

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  • The Real Roxanne says:

    And in related news, the following e-mail went out this week:

    We have an initiative within our developing sponsor’s campaign which we are very excited about so we wanted to share it first with our full members.

    We have been in confidential discussions with iconic sponsor SHARP and are planning to mark the association with an official FANS’ SHIRT that keepsGreen & Gold as prominent as ever in an appropriate way. This is a major coup for MUST to have SHARP aligned to our objectives. It sends out a strong, positive message of support for our cause from major businesses – and in this case a brand with such a strong historical attachment to our club through their sponsorship of the United shirt for so many years and a link going right back to the roots of the club and the original Green & Gold with the location of SHARP in Newton Heath.

    Green and Gold has become the public symbol of our campaign and one key objective of ours is to maintain the presence of Green & Gold throughout United’s fanbase and inside Old Trafford too so we’re right in the face of the current owners and the world’s media. We recognise there are other Green & Gold shirts in the marketplace but this will undoubtedly be seen by many as THE official FANS’ SHIRT, branded SHARP on the front and the quality will be superior to anything currently available.

    The shirt will be made to exacting Premiership-quality standards. It will also be uniquely numbered (each shirt will have its own unique personal number on the bottom left hand corner) and will be priced at a super value £19.99 for adult sizes and £16.99 for junior sizes, with guaranteed delivery anywhere in the world in time for Christmas.

    We will be emailing you on Thursday with a link to the new website the moment it goes live.

    Many thanks


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