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Come for ‘em all, leave us till last

Submitted by on September 15, 2010 – 2:05 pmOne Comment

The old bill have reacted in a surprisingly brazen way to suggestions that they might not escape the coming cuts to public services.


Police Superintendents’ Association president Derek Barnett has told the coalition government that while his organisation agrees in principle with people losing their jobs, homes and health, it would be better if the axe doesn’t fall on the police just yet because after all, who else is going to intimidate, bully, assault and arrest the people who, in the coming months and years, might not want to accept meekly the choice made by the ruling class to tear away all those modest yet hard-won reforms of the last century and more, that gave working people a half-decent standard of living. And who else will protect groups of far-right idiots in their attempts to blame immigrants and the poor, while arresting those who stand up for the weak?

So please listen to the police chiefs, all you millionnaires in the coalition government and labour leadership race, and keep a strong police force – and army of course – to help you to steal back all the loose change that your grandparents were so loathe to give up when workers were better organised. Then when they’ve done your dirty work, you can cut and privatise them too.

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  • toast says:

    It good that everyone is putting forward there case though, i reckon if they set up a premium rate line and let us vote for it that would generate enough money to keep a library open or buy a fuel cap for a new tank or something.

    Good and all that the ‘you need us to smash the students and lefties’ approach that the polis have taken, I think my vote would go to the arts based purely on this rather lovely video…. i dunno, its just a little less confrontational…. fooken artists need a good kettlin…

    Save the Arts

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