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Thirty-four words

Submitted by on September 6, 2010 – 1:20 pm8 Comments

Myth becomes realityThis story contains thirty-four words and is written to accompany this photograph, snapped in Piccadilly Gardens on Saturday by a news-hound so eager for the scoop they were nearly knocked down by a bus.


  • Elsie says:

    It was a 86 bus, before you ask. The smell of patchouli wafting from it meant I was alerted to its presence just in time.

    • blackleg says:

      You, my friend, are a berk. As you’ll know, if you in fact know anything about public transport as you like to suggest, the number 86 bus (operated by Stagecoach and Magic Bus) only traverses the side of the Piccadilly bus station apron closest to the iconic London Camera Exchange, this following its penultimate crawl up Mosley Street. The bus then, as those in the know, know, brushes the south-western flank of Piccadilly Gardens where it rests while the daring-do’s slope in and out of Piccadilly Amusements, before re-starting its journey down Portland Street. At no point does the number 86 bus trouble the al-fresco quad-urinal side of the station, a side which any normal person taking a still of the tram stop would surely position themselves.

      The only possible explanation my fellow transport hub and camera enthusiasts can fathom is that the zoom function on your obviously run-of-the-mill camera was trapped on full zoom, forcing you to step further back than anyone who was properly prepared and equipped would reasonably expect. This then, at a push, could account for you nearly getting getting knocked down by an 86 bus. You may have perceived a smell of a foodstuff that you associate with some parts of the 86 bus route wafting from the number 84, which of course does grace the whole circumference of the revamped Parker Street bus station on its journey to and from the south of the city, though this particular service is favoured less by the people to which you allude.

      We are still unsure however of your motives for the taking of this photgraph. Concensus among the group has it that you nurse a bedroom-style fantasy involving Roger Moore, George Lazenby and Sean Connery. Or perhaps Alan Bradley. It’s a shame that such sloppy and trivial asides let down what is otherwise a very useful information page.

      • Elsie says:

        You, my friend, are very rude. I had just walked past the London Camera Exchange when I saw the tram in question, therefore had to scoot across both lanes of the bus station in order to take the picture on my phone. So in fact I was not only nearly knocked down by the 86 (which was coming to rest at its stop) but also an incoming 142 on the other side of the middle pedestrian bit.
        All this, heroically, to take a classic shot of the iconic 3007 tram. You say you’re unsure of my motives in so doing – all in all, reviewing your comment, it seems to me you may be a little bitter?

  • scott says:

    Shouldn’t that be AN 86 bus dear?

  • SFTB says:

    Cuz,you really need to get out more…..

  • 1879 says:

    If you put the plonky finger thing on the picture and press it makes the picture bigger. That bloke sat next to the schoolie in the mini skirt – he’s mithering her. She’s put her hands across her tweeb in body langusge that’s saying ‘Reds only. When I’m sixteen of course, now shift.You’re so obviously a blue.I can tell by your black velvet jacket’…

  • 1879 says:

    ‘langusge’ is a word. Almost certainly. Fck, these poundies need cleaning…

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