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Making the Glazers happy?

Submitted by on August 16, 2010 – 2:15 pm2 Comments

If anyone was wondering whether the green and gold campaign could continue after so many people renewed their season tickets and bought their new AON shirts, then fear not cos those crackpot militants of MUST are reading the riot act once again (ps legal person – that is not a suggestion that anyone should perform any acts of violence). Here’s what they’re telling their 9,000,000 partizan members:

Dear member
United kick off the new season tonight against Newcastle at Old Trafford, so we thought you’d all like to see footage as a reminder of the fantastic Green & Gold campaign last season. That campaign continues and we need to maintain the pressure on the Glazers while giving the team on the pitch our full support.We all want to see that 19th title win and if we can pull that off and get rid of the Glazers this season that would be an amazing double.

Whether you’re watching the match at home, at Old Trafford, or in the pub with your mates, Green & Gold is very much alive and kicking – so wear the colours of Newton Heath with pride and continue to inspire those around you to get involved in this historic campaign.
Green & Gold will obviously have its natural ebb and flow over the coming weeks and months, but for this symbolic first game of the new season we hope to see the Green & Gold out in force. It’s a great way of showing your opposition to the Glazers whilst also getting 100% behind the team.

So if you’re going to the match tonight please bring along your scarves, t-shirts and flags. Imagine how happy the Glazers would be to see that it had all just fizzled out and that there was no Green & Gold on show – you don’t want to be responsible for actually making the Glazers happy, now do you?!

The M.U.S.T. stalls will be at the usual spots outside 8 Sir Matt Busby Way and Trafford House, so please drop by and pick up a scarf if you or a friend haven’t already got one.
Read M.U.S.T.’s response to the press coverage of Sir Alex Ferguson’s comments on protests and the Green & Gold campaign here:


Thanks. M.U.S.T.
PS – check out these photographs from last season featuring some inspiring displays of Green & Gold.



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