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Five, four, three, two, hun.

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Some typical Germans


Hide the Volkswagen and lock up your Becks, it’s England v Germany again.  That’s right, between now and Sunday we’ll be going even more World Cup barmy than usual and A Fine Lung will be joining in with a great World Cup Bingo game!

All you have to do is look and listen out for the tiresome shite served up by the great British public and media in the build up to the match and award yourself EINEN PUNKT for each one you spot.  I know you all only read The Guardian but make the effort, have a look in WH Smiths or something.

For you Fritz, ze World Cup is over!
Tools in pubs singing about Bomber Harris
Eastenders mentioning the spirit of the blitz (she watches it, obv)
1966 all the fucking time – some people are on the pitch, prepare a retrospective three year banning order!
Hilarious fat bastards on panel shows quipping “don’t mention the war!”
2 world wars and one world cup t-shirts
People referring to the Germans as “the bosch” for no apparent reason.
Wartime football on the battlefield, heads for goalposts.
Will Fabio have had them practising penalties, Gareth?
Lots of puns on “wurst”, which is foreign for “sausage”, which all Germans love to eat four times a day.
The humourless efficiency of those pesky Krauts.
They get up at 3 in the morning to put their towels on the sunbeds, you know.
The BBC recreating that bit from The Great Escape with McCarthy and Redknapp getting off the train as the would be escapees being caught out by Klinsmann’s snide “good luck” trick.

Feel free to add your own, it’s fun for all the family.  Next week, we’ll be doing the same thing but with those cheating Argie bastards instead.

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