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‘I’ve got a secret rose tattoo, I’m dying just to show to you’ may have been the prose of Posh Spice Victoria Beckham in her Top 10 smash Not Such An Innocent Girl, but it’s her hubby David’s England team mate Wayne Rooney who those words quite literally apply to.

Col and Waz

The nation’s talisman Rooney will be hoping to open his World Cup account at the Bafokeng Stadium against the U.S.A. in a few weeks and AFL can reveal the Manchester United striker is planning to risk an early tournament booking by taking off his shirt to show off his latest Stereophonics tattoo in celebration should he find the net.

Rooney 24, who is married to Coleen McLoughlin, host of ITV’s hit show Coleen’s Real Women, is said to have called into the Lord Raglan pub in Openshaw, Manchester, on his way back from “tattooist to the stars” Louis Molloy’s Middleton studio and showed his new tat to customers there.

Les Balustrade, 46, a regular in “The Rag” for many years told us “It was Tuesday dinner the other week, there was only one or two of us in havin’ a bit of a session and Rooney bowls in with his agent. We dint mither him but I says to Tatey I’m sure that’s Rooney and his agent Paul Stretford”. To Les and Tatey’s surprise the Reds’ goal-king was soon joining in their rendition of Stereophonics’ Handbags and Gladrags when the classic tune came on the jukebox.

“After a few Joey Holts (local beer) we usually have a bit of a singsong and that Tuesday dinner was one I’ll never forget” out-of-work scaffolder Les explained. “When it got to the chorus Roon stood up belting it out with arms held in the air, he carried on right to the end of the song and knew all the words, when it finished he came over giving it all high fives an that”.

Far from fazed by the alien surroundings scouser Wayne pulled up a stool to chat with the pair before revealing his new tattoo while Stretford looked on. “After the tunage finished, Wayne sat with us but his mate just stayed sat in the corner looking like his bottle had gone (frightened)”, said father-of-six Les. “He said he loved Stereophonics and Tatey pointed to the [Just Enough Education to Perform*] tattoo on Roon’s freckly arm saying ‘nice one’ but he stood up and said ‘that’s f**kall’ (nothing) and took his shirt off. He shouted Stretford over and told him to help peel off the bandage that was on his back and there was this brand new tat saying summat about a thousand trees and other Stereophonics stuff – Tatey got it on his mobile. He said the world will see it if he scores in South Africa”.

Tat pic on Tatey's moby

But heavy smoker Les never got to say goodbye and wish the England idol well for the World Cup Finals. “I went outside for a fag (cigarette) and when I came back I thought he’d gone bogs (to the toilet) and I dozed off. When I woke up he was gone and Tatey can’t remember a thing about it, all we’ve got is the picture on Tatey’s moby (mobile phone). But Les seems to have been left another memento from their encounter. “The following Tuesday I goes in the Rag and there’s only a framed Rooney England shirt on the wall signed by the lad himself”, revealed grandfather-of-two Les. “Some of the lads in here say its all a wind-up and the shirt is a snide (fake) but I know Roo left it for us and I’ll prove the doubters wrong when he scores for England in Africa. I’ll buy him a pint if he comes back – he’s a good lad even though he is a Munich”.

Les and Tatey with the signed shirt

Welsh band Stereophonics, renowned for their unpretentious, philosophical blue-collar rock are best friends of the Rooneys and performed a music gig (performance) at their wedding. The couple planned to name their child Kelly after the group’s lead singer if it would have been a girl but when Coleen delivered a boy it was decided to just use the K for Kai (the Rooneys’ child) as Wayne considered Kelly to be a girl’s name, like Kelly Brook and Kelly Garrett out of Charlie’s Angels.

The Stereophonics song ‘A Thousand Trees’ is thought to be about child abuse and a source close to a friend of Rooney’s younger brother Graham told us “Wazza loves the ‘phonics and hates peedos and this tat will tell the world!”

*Just Enough Education to Perform (aka J.E.E.P.) is the title of Stereophonics third studio album that reached #1 in the hit parade. It is available for purchase here: http://www.amazon.com/All-Hope-Gone-Slipknot/dp/B001BGTWXI/ref=pd_sim_m_3

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