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Getting Giddy about the World Cup

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United fans may be the least Ingerlund-centric support in the country, but when it comes to making World Cup records, reds seem to have a canny knack for turning out tunes that stick in your head and have you humming them when you go for a lag at work. It’s as if they do it on purpose.

New Order’s World in Motion is the obvious cliche, but it’s not difficult to adapt a pre-written B-side and make a record better than nu footi knobs like Skinner and Baddiel.

The latest red offering for the World Cup in South Africa is much like the architect of the song itself – different. Gideon Conn is well known to FC United fans and his acoustic performance at Course You Can Malcolm was a highlight of the live music event, which takes place before FC home games.

The look on the faces of seasoned beer monsters, as he walked out into the crowd armed with a guitar and a song about a man who drives around selling fish, was one to behold. As he always does, he won the crowd over and had them pissing themselves.

As well as being a talented singer-songwriter, he is also an excellent artist and a nice lad to boot. I ordered a print of one of his paintings once and he travelled from his home in Prestwich to mine in Old Trafford to deliver it in person.

My housemate at the time opened the door and came upstairs to tell me there was a ‘weird bloke’ here to see me. Smiling as he always does, I went down and introduced Gideon to my mate. When I told Gideon of my friend’s involvement with FC United, he shook his hand vigorously and said: “Oh, nice club you have. Very nice club, well done.”

So when Gideon contacted us to ask if he could borrow an FC shirt for a music project he was doing, we didn’t really know what to expect. As it turns out, he was making a song with former Inspiral Carpet organ grinder Clint Boon and wanted to wear the FC red in the video to be shot, ironically some might say, in the shadow of Old Trafford football ground.

The song is called Get Your Hopes Up (Win, win, win) and contains the immortal line ‘Jamie said to Jeremy while stood at the urinal, I’ll give you the keys to my car if England make the final…’ It’s a refreshing change from all the Skinners et al who play at being barmy because Gideon is actually genuinely tapped. In the most lovely way, of course. Unless he’s taking us round the corner.

The video also features some of Gideon’s trademark daft dancing and some really poor ball work from him and Boon. And, as an added bonus, there’s the token fat female city fan on the front row, as you would expect when dealing with England.

The video can be seen here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fySnN4a7Nu4 or visit www.myspace.com/gideonconn for more information and other songs by Gideon. I think the World Cup song can be downloaded from iTunes.

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